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Recently, I MC’d a life-changing conference hosted by In The Word Ministries (visit at www.inthewordministriesonline.org.

I couldn’t wait to share a few quotes that really blessed me. Check out these:

“The church is not made of walls, but made of a body.”
Lisa Barry

“we counter the lies of Satan with the Word of God”
Eileen Epps Hamilton

“Having peace is an intentional lifestyle.
We have to seek to know the fullness of God’s love.
We have go be obedience
We have to take thoughts captive
The adoration prayer model”
Kim Specker

“God is calling us to live out a bold adventure.”
Stacey Jones

“The church is not made of walls, but made of a body.”
Lisa Barry

“Real with God
Know where u are
Be who u are
Be live e truth
Don’t be drawn by your appetite”

“There is no comfort in a growth zone and no growth in a comfort zone.”

Dr. Melinda Joy Mingo

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  1. fabulous quotes!!!! Every one of them!!! I loved stacey jones’ quote and the last one from Dr. Melinda Joy Mingo…I’m gonna chew on those for a while…

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