Healing in the Body and the Spirit


The human body has an amazing ability to heal itself. It’s fascinating!

If you cut your finger, your body will do  work to mend the laceration. In some cases, you may need to treat the wound to aid or accelerate the healing process. You may apply a bandage, cream or something; but in the end, the body does most of the work.

Ironically, a spiritual wound is altogether different. This type of wound requires the healing power or prayer, God’s word and a little time.

Turn to God’s word for healing. Read it and seek it’s truth. Use it as a balm or spiritual ointment that ignites your faith and hope.

Bring your “hurt” to God as many times as needed, for as long as needed to be whole again. Talk to Him. Tell Him everything. Sure, He knows it all, but your faith is ignited as you go to Him as your Source. God moves by faith.

Read the Psalms until you find one that soothes your hurt. Don’t give up. His word is alive and after a while, you’ll happen upon just the right verse for your aching spirit.

Hang in there and remember time heals nothing; only God is your Healer! Be whole on Jesus name!

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