Reading Your Bible, Taking Your Meds


Would you ever consider taking an over-the-counter medication (you have never used or heard of) WITHOUT reading the instructions first?

Of course not! That would be a terrible idea!

But, people do the same with the Word of God all the time. They try to apply God’s Word to their lives without knowing the promises, conditions or requirements of God. I personally think this is where doctrine error is birthed. People trying to apply Godly principles without understanding it’s context, intent, etc. Scary.

I’ve said it a million times. Faith works if you work it. Idle faith is nothing without the “work” that ignites it.

For example, tithing God’s way is the precursor to financial blessing.

You have to know the Word (read the instructions) to know how to “work” your giving (the right way) to tithe appropriately. Did you know there is a situation Jesus says you should not give? Read Matthew 5:23-24.

God operates by spiritual principles defined in His word. Know His Word, study it so you will walk in accordance to His will.

Ways to learn about God:

1. Private study time. Put the Bible on your phone, IPad, CD or whatever it takes to learn it.

2. Attend a good, strong Bible believing church. Ask pastors that are skilled in the Word.

3. Hang out with people that live God’s word, act on it and don’t “play around” with sin. Find some serious folks- they are out there. As you mature in the Word, they’ll likely find you. Disclaimer: I’m not saying to dump those not walking in God’s word to the best of their ability, but your inner circle must be people whose life sharpens the iron in your life.

I love being able to call my friends and getting the Word of God before opinions, ideas, etc.

Read the instructions, GodsyGirl and grow in the Lord!

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  1. Yes, we must know and apply GOD’s word properly. I know a pastor, who’s overweight. Every year, he states, that he believes by faith, that he will get a good doctor report…..all of this without exercising and eating healthy / and modestly.

    Now I countered that, by stating that I believe by faith, that I will get a good doctor report and began the work of applying health / fitness principles to get the desired results.

    Hoping, praying, and having faith is one thing, but applying is something totally different. Gabriel was not gonna get on the treadmill for him. LOL

    Great post Godsy Girl.

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