Pastor Tony Brock offers help in dealing with grief and depression – Part II


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This is part 2 of “Pastor Tony Brock offers help 

dealing with grief and depression” 


What We Usually Do

One of the biggest mistakes Christians make is to hold on to past wounds, sometimes we even “nurse” them or protect them from healing. Have you ever met someone stalled in the grieving process? Years pass, but they do not heal. As the woman in the Bible, they refuse comfort. Their warped sense of comfort comes from nursing the trauma and holding on tightly to the hurt.

Now, to be clear, we all grieve in different ways. For instance, I kept my dad’s cowboy boots for years after his death. Not only that, but I also kept his old documents. By keeping them, I “nursed” the grief. Every time I saw them, every time I walked by them, I felt the twinge of heartache that had become familiar to me. It wasn’t until God began dealing with me that I was able to release them and move on.

Death aside, there are other ways to accommodate pain. People betrayed by an unfaithful mate, may close their hearts, refusing to trust again. Others “nurse” their pain by refusing to try again because of a past failure. The examples are endless.

Here’s what works best…

Instead of accommodating the heartbreak, submit it to God. Turn it into a place of praise in your memory.

“Praise Him?” you ask with a furrowed brow. YES, praise Him for bringing you out of that situation. Praise Him for His provision during it, and glorify Him for the comfort you received in the midst of it. Worship Him because you didn’t lose your mind. A weaker woman would have fallen apart, but you made it! All because God had His hand in the turmoil and on His beloved baby girl (You!) So, heal in the name of Jesus, Godsy Girl!

He went where???

Pastor Brock returned to the exact physical spot his brother died. His two young boys were with him. Through tears and pain, he re-introduced his children to their uncle and explained the significance of what happened on that street.

What he did next give me chills…

I’ll continue this post tomorrow. 
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