Being a Christian in everyday situations (and problems with law enforcement)


Today was an amazing morning of Bible study at my church. My hubby usually teaches mind-boggling and challenging lessons, but today one of the associate ministers (Pastor DeLano Sheffield) shared about the beauty of God’s grace and the good news of the Gospel.

I respond best to challenging, deep-rooted teachings that expand my spiritual perspective. My husband is a heads above the crowd in this teaching style and God has assembled a wonderful team of leaders around him. We are blessed.

Well, after the Bible Study, I left the church feeling re-invigorated with fresh revelation from Colossians. It was good stuff. I loved the reminder that in Christ we are blameless because of the wonderful work of Jesus Christ on the cross. We can never hear that too much.

God’s Presence in our Lives
At one point during the lesson, we chatted in small groups about where we would like to see God’s presence in real life situations. Of course, one of the subjects was traffic; there were others, but I can’t remember them. My group giggled as we talked about life’s troubles and how much we need God to occupy our responses to those “tricky” situations.

This Is A Test And Only A Test
One the way home, I called one of our elderly members. Just wanted to check on her and let her know I loved her. On my usual route home, I often drop calls, so I decided to go home another way.

Why in the world did I do that?

No sooner than I said “good bye,” I heard the dreaded screech of a police siren. I thought he was going on a call, so I pulled over so he could pass me. He pointed to the right. I pulled over to the right. He pointed more aggressively. Then it hit me. HE WAS AFTER ME!
You talk about chaos, I’m confused, my kids is crying and
the police officer is frustrated because he thought
 I was being difficult by not stopping immediately.
Long story short, after Pastor Sheffield’s lesson today, I was empowered to keep my heart pure, my disposition pleasant and endure my punishment for speeding. I invited God’s presence into the entire interaction and all in all, it was quite pleasant. Before I pulled off, I prayed God would bless and protect the officer. He was kind and open. *Please say a pray for him right now. God knows who he is. Thanks!*

Thank God, for His presence that brings peace to any kind of chaos. Also, praise God that although I am blameless in His sight, I need to slow down in my car.

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