Planning a women’s prayer breakfast: a tip for success


Are you planning a Women’s Prayer Breakfasts?

One of the corner stones of project management is being able to manage the risks and contingencies that threaten your desired outcome. 

When planning your next women’s prayer breakfast, think of all the reasons women will NOT come.   That’s right, start from the negative (pessimistic) and work your way toward the positive (solutions).  Here’s how:  during your first planning session, brainstorm a list of all the reasons (and excuses) some women won’t attend your event. Display them on a white board or chart paper for the entire group to see.

Then, one by one, brainstorm solutions to each excuse.  For instance, lack of transportation shows up on the list? A possible solution is offering transportation help or carpooling. Problem-solve a long list of attendance barriers and categorically think of ways to remedy each one.

Soon, I’m offering a free online training for ministry leaders planning a women’s prayer breakfast. I’ll share all my resources and give you a practical approach to planning your event.  

Please send your name and email and I’ll let you know when the next one is scheduled. 

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