Out of Sight, Never out of Mind: Pray for Christians Abroad


For many Christians the biggest struggle on Saturday night is which outfit to wear  Sunday morning.  The countless privileges American Christians enjoy daily make it easy to forget  Christians abroad are tortured, tormented and many even slaughtered for their faith and the cause of Christ. I really can’t get my mind around this, but it’s true.
One of my favorite bloggers, Mangiabella, recently wrote a blog post that hung in my “craw”, (as the old people would say). She expressed her gratitude “for the luxury of participating in relaxation while other parts of the world are in a state of unrest.” That simple statement stuckwith me. Relaxation, although we take it for granted, is indeed a gift. There are people that cannot find the peaceful pacification in relaxation. Their guard is always up, because people want nothing more than to murder them because of the God they profess.

Again, we’ve got it good.

The ability to worship, sing praises and proclaim our faith is a blessing beyond measure. Just recently, my church assembled (by the hundreds) to worship in a brand new facility with soft seating, automatic heating and adequate lighting. As one of our deacons, Alex Marshall, sang “Jesus, I Love You”, we could boldly throw our hands in the air, shout our praises and worship freely without fear of murder, punishment or persecution. We’re so blessed.

By now, you are likely aware of the turmoil in Egypt. But, are you aware of the atrocious persecution of Christians in this predominately Islamic country. Tom Doyle, a Christian currently residing in Egypt gave Fox News a troubling update: “with no police available, no one was willing to help them. Family members are taking turns keeping watch over their homes, as robberies, rape, looting, and car theft are occurring routinely now.”

It is very important to note not all Egyptians, or followers of Islam, hate Christians. Nevertheless, this type of persecution is a lingering and serious problem around the world.

The Washington Post says national leaders, inside and outside of the government asked the United States to intervene and help Christians overseas. Last month during a congressional hearing, they asked our government do more to “investigate violence against religious minorities and to lay out a clear strategy in Iraq for their protection.”

My soul aches as I think of the pain, laments and prayers of my Christian brothers and sisters all over the world. The mothers, especially the mothers and children.

Well, if I know nothing else, I know that prayer moves the hand of God. I still believe that God moves as His people pray.  Keep your theology that believes otherwise- I have no use for it.

So, with that, I’ll say, please pray for Christians in other countries.
Washington Post

Fox News

Additional Article:
“Amid Unrest, Egyptian Christians Fear for Their Future”

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  1. girl, we are definitely on the same wave…the past few days I have really been thinking about believers around the world and the persecution they suffer and praying for them….People are tortured for simply speaking the gospel, and yet here, we can freely speak the gospel to anyone, but don’t!! We don’t want to “offend” anyone by saying God bless you or God loves you or even Merry Christmas…sigh…. Let us not be lazy dear friends, the time of our testimony will soon end, let us speak freely the words of life that have been given to us….thank you so much Teri for sharing that excerpt with your readers, I was thinking how in general we take so much for granted, even the fact that in many countries, people have to walk for miles to just get clean water to drink, and here, we take long baths, run our dishwashers, wash our cars, without a second thought. I am so thankful for the blessings we are lavished with that we forget about!!!!

  2. one last note of encouragement: I thought hard about the letters that Paul, Timothy, John, and James sent to the believers and the times that they were living in and the circumstances that surrounded them. They were perilous times indeed, and yet, these days aren’t much different, perhaps even worse in some ways.

    And so sweet sister(s), let me edify you and drench you in love and encourage you to keep sowing the Good News of the gospel right where you are – this world around us is dying, people are dying inside, struggling with depression, lonliness, acceptance, purpose and meaning in life….and many many other things….bondage of addiction and the pressures of trying to be perfect, trying to “keep up,” and the pursuit of things they think will satisfy the longing in their soul, only to find themselves just as empty as before.

    I am reminded of when Jesus spoke to the woman at the well and said “Whoever drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will NEVER thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life” (John 4:13-14)

    We have been given Words of Life to share with a dying world, and the time of our testimony will soon end. We must try and capture their hearts before it’s too late! You have been given many special gifts, unique and custom to who He made you to be!! Praise God!! keep shining that Light sweet bella(s), it shines bright in this dark world. Use those gifts to bring Him glory and keep fighting the good fight. Keep running the race, passionately, throwing off everything that hinders!

    Always remember and rest hard on the fact that God loves you 24-7 because that’s His style. He loves you enough to watch over you and take over your scene when He wills it necessary . He is our help when there is danger – clear and present.

    Let not your heart grow weary in these trying times, hold fast to what you know to be true, and let Truth be a strong pillar around you. Continue to nourish your soul by feasting on His Word, it is lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path. Run into His presence and let your heart take refuge there. Rest at His feet, where the Living Water will quench your thirst and refresh you. Watch for the wolves, be wary, and watchful, guarding your heart and mind in Christ Jesus, and putting on the whole armor of God.

    Continue to be STEADFAST in love. Love love love. It is the love of Christ that melts even the hardest of hearts.

    I hope this letter has brought you encouragement, and pray that your faith be strengthened with each passing day. In His Grip, Jaime a.k.a. mangiabella

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