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It’s no secret I live to write. I enjoy sharing my experiences (and, yes, opinions) on a variety of subjects. I also love stirring up conversations, discussing hard topics and stimulating critical thinking.

In my opinion, to be a good writer, one must also be a good reader. I love to read! At any given moment, I’m reading something. Ask me what I’m reading now. It might surprise you!

Blogs are a fun, easy way to get a snapshot into the lives of others. You can find information, encouragement and advice from a simple, well-organized blog. I love it!

Personally, I like blogs that lean toward substance, rather than length. Incredibly long entries make my head hurt and my eye twitch. Well, let me fix that. Long entries are ok (for me) if they are cognitive and the content requires explanation and debrief. Other than that, I lean toward a philosophy of ‘the shorter the better’.

How about you? What do you prefer? Longer or shorter blog articles?


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  1. What are you reading right now? 🙂

    It depends on the writer. There are a few blogs I have run across where the blogger has long blogs that just seem to ramble on without a clear path. The beginning, middle, and end don’t correlate.
    Then there are a few other blogs that the bloggers write kind of essay type blogs that I really enjoy!
    So I all in all I agree with you. Bloggers should remember that just because it is an informal way of getting your point across all lessons learned in English still apply!
    How do you like my probably too long response?

  2. Sister Teri, I would have to agree. Long blogs without substance are boring and I tend to just STOP reading. What does that truly say about the writer? I know that in my profile I said that I hope that my blogs give you an insight to who I am. I meant that. Your blog should reflect YOU! Sometimes it only takes a few words to make a great impact.

  3. Glad to know I’m not the only one that doesn’t want to read 15,000-word blog posts! I guess substance is the key word as Kisha said. Kisha, share your blog link so we can all visit and subscribe!


    Really, you’re right, Brandy, I have come across a few “essay” style blogs that were good and educational. some of the news-focused ones are interesting from time to time.

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