“I’m so glad you can do that!” – Spiritual Gifts in God’s Kingdom


Have you ever observed someone’s spiritual or natural gift and thought, “Wow! That is so cool!”

Now, I’m not talking evil-spirited jealousy or envy, just an admiration for someone’s God-given talent or proficiency.

For me, it’s intercessory prayer. Hey, I know we can all intercede, but there is a special gift associated with intercession that some people have and others do not.

For example, my spiritual mom and mentor Carrie Porter is a highly anointed intercessor. She knows how to listen to others and pray for their needs categorically. It’s mind-blowing! You think you’re just chatting and she’s listening for what to pray for the entire time. At the conclusion of each visit or call, like clockwork she prays for you – remembering every need or concern you mentioned during your time together!

In public, she’s almost compelled to pray for people. It’s nothing to be in the mall or restaurant and have Mom Porter ask someone “May I pray for you?” I tell you, one hundred percent of the time people says “yes”! Big burly dudes, sophisticated professionals…whatever, they say “yes”! Then, with eyes open, she inconspicuously prays for them right there on the spot! You can almost always see the peace on their faces after the prayer. Wild!

I know so many others with this gift of intercession. My mom is, Ethel is another one with this gift. She is also VERY discerning. What a perfect combo.

We each have wonderful gifts and I thank God for mine. But, I really praise God for those gifted intercessors.

How about you? What gifts do you really admire in the Kingdom?

Update:  Mother Porter wrote a book. You can purchase it on Amazon!

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