Dr Phil: an answer to prayer or the Boogy Man?


Thanks, MKS1975, for letting me know the “golden voice” man, Ted Williams, is on Dr. Phil.
However, the little I caught was like OMG! Dr. Phil drug him by the neck through the trenches of doom with a rusty chain!

I dunno. I’d be scarred to be “therepy-ized” by him! Yipes and Wow, Doc! He pulled every one of Williams’ closet skeletons out one by one.


We’re still praying for that brother. He’s needs it! Thank God for the sea of forgetfulness Christ offers us. People tend to be less gracious.
Turning off TV now. Need to do something productive. Clean the closets, maybe?

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  1. You know Teri, it’s funny how we, as a society, talk about how people need jobs and how can America help the homeless, and yada yada yada but when someone finally gets the oppurtunity, it’s like WOW! Now everyone is highly concerned about his past, how he got to this point, what is he going to do now, will he relapse, what about this, what about that, etc. Yes the man has a testimony and needs prayer but shouldn’t we be rejoicing with him at a time like this? God has given this man an opportunity to work! My prayer is that he truly acknowledge God for who He really is and spreads the love that God has to offer to others. His testimony is a witnessing tool. I pray that he uses it.

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