There is hope for our community


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Look, bad things happen in every community. It is the result of fallen man, parents who stopped raising their children (opting to be-friend them instead) and people making several, and then ultimately one really bad decision.

Crying serves little purpose. Very little change is typically brought about with sobbing alone. Then there is fear. Nope. Being afraid is just plain useless.

So, what do we do?

Hey, if I knew the specific answer to that question, I could solve all the world’s problems.

What I do know is God is still a very present help in time of trouble.

And there is a balm in Gilead and it’s not all economic, it’s not all environmental, it may not even be all societal. Oh yeah, it’s not something that is going to change simply because we ask it to.

What it is, however, is hopeful. We as a community and a nation have hope as long as we keep our eyes locked on Jesus Christ.

He, and His principals are the 100 % reliable Balm in Gilead.

We are not afraid. We are not detoured. We know in Whom we believe and we endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. Amen?

Also, we-at my church- resolve to forgive the spiritually-ill people that shot at our church.

Forgiveness. Even to those that don’t (or won’t) ask.

But you’ve heard me talk about forgiveness a ga-zillion times, right?

Note: This is an old post, but the stingy is still present.

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