“Christians are fake”- debunk the myth


Are you the same person at home as you are in church?

Or, are you one of those smiling, hand shaking, hugged up next to your husband, endlessly patient with the kids while at church and someone TOTALLY different at home?

Now, it is a little bit justified to be a tiny bit different in pubic than at home. Otherwise, we have a church full of burping (and maybe cursing) church people! Social decorum has it’s place.

But something is wrong when you create a pattern of fakery that mentally exhausts you, confuses your kids and frustrates God.

Remember when Paul “went off” on Peter for being phony? He was eating with the Gentiles until the church folk came around and then he dropped them like a bad habit!
(Read Gal 2:11) An-n-nd, verse 12 shows that hypocrisy can be contagious. Especially if leaders engage in it.

Hey, church is a hospital, not a social club. If you’re hurt, its ok to cry. If you’re mad, that’s the place to bring it before the Lord in honesty. There’s wholeness in the house of God – if He’s there. No need to be fake.

Take off the mask. Halloween is over.

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