Can a bad husband be a good father – Elizabeth Edwards’ death poses an important question


I don’t know much about Elizabeth Edwards, the late wife of politician John Edwards. I will say what I have observed of her in the press were unmatchable qualities of strength, courage and family-focused devotion.

During the zenith of her turmoil with her unfaithful husband, many people disparaged her, criticized her and some were even accusatory. Knowing her type of pain and betrayal personally, I championed her strength to continue on and to stay strong for her children. If you are currently experience such a betrayal, remember God is your refuge and hiding place (read Psalms 32:7).

Some sources have reported that the Edwards children will live now with their father. Grapevine sources say otherwise and they will be raised by the eldest daughter. I dunno.

What I do know is that Elizabeth Edwards’ death and life raised a question that demands some critical thought.

Question: is it possible for a person to be a bad husband/wife and yet be a good parent?

Some say “NO” because the core issues of honesty, truthfulness and integrity lie at the root of any relationship, hence a person that dishonors his most intimate relationship will likely dishonor the relationships with others.

Others say, “YES” because the marital relationship is completely different from the parental relationship, thereby meaning a man/woman can be a good parent in spite of their inability to be a good mate.

What say you?



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  1. First I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment.

    Second..yes I think a husband who is lousy at being a husband can be an amazing father..Same with a woman..she may not make the greatest wife, but she definitely is an amazing mother….

    I’ve been praying for Elizabeth’s family since I heard about her passing last night….

  2. I have seen people be completely selfish and drop the ball in the area of husband/wife and yet seem to be on track in the parent department – not everyone struggles with the same areas in their life – either way these are broken people who need Jesus just like the rest of us, and who can be restored in the areas of their life that they struggle with through Him, and only through Him!

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