“But I can’t find the right church”


Finding the right church can be a very daunting and confusing journey.

Sometimes, people grow frustrated in the process and are tempted to just give up. But, you can’t!

Regardless of how you feel or how long the search takes, attend (some) church each week. You may not feel you’re benefiting from it, but you are.

Here’s an analogy I gave some one not long ago:

Say you eat at a restaurant and the food is mediocre. However, although the meal wasn’t the greatest, your body was nourished and you gained strength from the food. You don’t stop eating because you cannot find a good eatery do you? You continue to search and if you can’t find the best place, you snack on what you have available to nourish you.

It’s the same with church. So, keep visiting Bible-believing churches until you find your home. Each week, you’ll gain spiritual strength and fellowship.

Remember, no church will be perfect. Trust God and go wherever He leads- even if it doesn’t seem 100% right. Know God’s voice and follow Him. Don’t allow people to hurt your feelings or run you away. You’re not there for people, you’re there for spiritual growth.

As the old people used to say you need to be in “somebody’s church”. Amen, Godsy Girl?

P.S. Don’t allow fear to paralyze you into making NO decision. So what if you pick the wrong one? You can always leave and re-align with God’s plan. That’s the magic of grace.

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