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Planning a Women’s Prayer Breakfast

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Sample Agenda for a Women’s Prayer
I. Opening Introduction

II. Prayer (corporate)

III. Praise and Worship (don’t rush this portion)

IV. SoloV. Food and table-networking (low risk icebreakers and activities; then progress to higher risk, if you like.

VI. Speaker

VII. Call to Action: What will ladies do with information received from speaker?

VIII. Prayer Time (individual) to ponder, pray and reflect on call to action

IX. Evaluation of the breakfast (simple one answer assessment to get feedback on your effectiveness)

X. Give-a-ways (ugh…if you must)

XI. Ending Prayer

In my personal opinion, so many Christian women’s events have become “clownish” and “busy”. The program agenda should guide and direct toward the desired objective – prayer, networking, whatever.

Keep your agenda simple, focused and strategic. Most importantly, it should havea good, balanced pace. No rushed, no heavy activities after speaker, etc.

Define the objectives of the breakfast before creating the agenda.

Ask your team “What 5 competencies do we want to build in the lives of the attendees?” Then create pathways to get there. For instance, if a commitment to prayer is one of the objectives, then brainstorm the barriers to prayer, the solutions to the barriers and a means toward removing the barriers.

If networking is the goal, then plan lots of intentional activities to get people talking. When planning, remember the varied ages, mobility and spiritual maturity levels of the women attending.

Most importantly, leverage the process (leads to the objectives) with relationships (must be relationship-building to possibly build accountablility) and achieve the desired results (objectives).

Think of going deeper rather than wider.
In other words, instead of cramming a ton of activities into the prayer breakfast, decide on a few very targeted activities. Less can be more.

This research is adapted from the Facilitative Leadership curriculum. I’m a certified trainer professionally. I strongly believe that many systems used in business can [and should] be applied to church functions. Hey, they did the research, why shouldn’t we use it for God’s kingdom?

What other tips do you have for churches planning women prayer breakfasts?

(Also, check out workshop titles for women’s retreats)

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