GodsyGirl’s Review: For Colored Girls


Not sure what to say.

Here’s what’s up: my “bestie’ (best friend) and I went to see Tyler Perry’s “Colored Girls”. Fortunately, Cheryle knows me better than most anyone and was likely not shocked when I walked out before the movie ended.

Yep, I walked out.

You see, I felt duped half-way through the film.

I was initially interested in the complexity of the characters and the riveting transitions between them. Then it all went – as they say ‘in the toilet’. I chose to get off the manic ride when it made me dizzy with it’s harsh transitions.

Somewhere in the middle of the movie, I got the impression that the “F” word should have been in the title for as much homage it received during the film. I also felt that the movie took a route of sensationalism – something which turns me off instantaneously. It threw me into a rather dark place rather quickly and then left me hanging in hopelessness. After you landed there, it would have been almost impossible to recognize any redemptive value in the content. I didn’t go there just to see one broad stroke reminding me of the pain of Black women – trust me – that is something of which I am fully aware.

I’m not a big movie-goer anymore because I’d rather be teased intellectually than bashed over the head with the horror stories from someone’s confused mind. Much less, do I need to be accosted by language intended to shock me rather than challenge me to think.

Truthfully, I should have seen this coming after watching “Why Did I Get Married Too”? During the end of the movie Perry “jerked” me from one place (an argument) and carelessly threw me into an abrasive reality of the issue mortality. This would have been fine had it all not happened in the last five minutes of the film. I don’t want to spoil it, but man dies, and wife see the Rock and now I’m supposed to be happy?  All this happens inside of ten minutes or so!

Timing is everything. Even in real life – which is why I left. But, I digress…again.

There was no room to recoup. Had the scene been written skillfully enough to guide the viewer through a logical intellectual process, I would have been cool.  But, he killed that dude quickly (maybe Malik Yoba made Perry really mad) or something. Instead, he just threw into the mix a bit of eye candy (the Rock) and the possibility of a fresh love affair. It seemed almost like Perry just got tired of the screenplay and just threw the end together. My regards to the Rock. Note: I’m trying not to spoil the movie for those who haven’t seen it.

Back to Colored Girls. At the conclusion of a movie with such sensitive high notes, I wanted to walk away with something I had learned, discovered or at least fascinated by the mystery of what could have been. By almost the end of it, I got nothing but a hollow whirlwind. The poetry was lost in the cinematic experience.

Anyhoo, Hollywood is beginning to assume that people no longer have critical thinking skills and that bugs me. I crave a multi-dimensional cinematic experience that does not offend my Christian sensibilities; is not a cookie-cutter rendition of an old flick and will not assume that I don’t want to think.

Hey, if all you want is to see a bunch of famous women, pretty colors and a little drama, you might like it. But, I was disappointed. I’ll stick to my books.

I am fully aware that Mr. Perry will not lose a second of sleep worrying what one preacher’s wife in Missouri thinks and that’s ok. That’s the good thing about having your own blog, you can say what you want and generate some conversation. Holla.

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