God restores what you thought was forever lost…


I had lunch with my adorable cousin and her dear husband today. I know I make them sound like they’re seven, but I just fell in love with them today.  Let me explain.

In a strange twist of fate, I happened to meet this her through a professional contact.

Ironically, she was no secret to my family, they all knew her, but God chose to bring her to me later in my life. I see her as sort of a gift, a restoration gift God reserved until just the right time!

God is very good at giving these types of gifts.  Just when you think something is …well…what it is, He surprises you with a reality only He could create!  I’ve received several such gifts. Let me tell you about this one first.

Gift one

Upon entering her gorgeous home, I was struck by the spicy aroma of pumpkin (my favorite thing in the world), warm spices and just…well, happiness. Although, it was my first time in her home, I felt remarkably comfortable and welcomed by the soothing, cozy colors on the walls and the elegant pieces throughout her beautifully decorated home.

Making the lunch particularly significant for me was the chance to meet her husband.  His kind and loving spirit mirrored that of my cousin. I guess birds of a feather, huh? They are the type of people that bless just by being around them.  Do you know what I mean? Someone whose very demeanor just hugs you by the way they smile, speak and just “be”. I love being around people like that. Don’t you?


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