Don’t Sacrifice Your Creativity


“Teri, don’t stop writing.”

Simple words, but how they re-ignited my creativity. One of my favorite sisters in Christ delivered this gentle reminder to me today after our Bible study. As always, the Kipper blessed me. 🙂

You know, when you go through life’s challenges, you are impacted in one way or another. Some people withdraw from others. Other folks eat their anxiety; still other individuals sleep through the pain. Regardless of who you are, or how strong (or weak) your spiritual muscles are, you’d better believe you are affected by life’s pressures. How do you manage it all?

For me personally, I lean toward all of the above.  But, the biggest effect stress has on me is that it thwarts my creativity. Over time, I’ve learned pity parties don’t work. So, my first response is to  run to that “secret place of the Most High”. Remember, I’m not perfect so I often mistakenly abandon the other elements of my life that balance me out. As you know, I love to journal, write and encourage others. It’s my life’s breath. Isn’t it ironic that the enemy of my soul attacks that very area of my life when I’m in battle? He goes after the very thing that brings relief, joy and even peace? I often fall for it too.

Journaling here on GodsyGirl reminds me of my humanity and need for the Father. My expression here helps me so much; and judging from the regular emails I receive; others are helped too.

My time with you mysteriously ignites my spiritual imagination and forces me to recall God’s faithfulness, power and strength in my life. It also holds me accountable, because as I write about lessons learned, I often remember them when I’m tempted to fall backward into my old behaviors.

All this to say, don’t allow anything to hamper your creativity, Godsy Girl. Sure, life is difficult sometimes.

But, that is….well…life.

So, whatever gift God has given you, stir it up so you can bless the Lord as you share it with the Body of Christ. Exercising them will re-energize your spirit and help you re-focus on Jesus (and not on life’s struggles). Whatever your gift; walk in it and enjoy it, Girl, in spite of the pain, challenge, temptation or tests. Amen?

For me…lesson learned.

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