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Christians and Facebook


Say what?

As you may know, a New Jersey pastor (Rev. Cedric Miller) encouraged leaders to delete their Facebook accounts because “20 couples at his church have run into marital problems after a spouse reconnected with a former love interest on Facebook.”


My face felt warm as I read the article. Then I realized I was bugged by this lack of comprehensive logic. In fact, I had the same frustrated sentiment when the lady sued McDonald’s because she burned her self with the coffee. Coffee? Hot?

Gimme a break.

Don’t be offended, because I’m just…me. But sometimes, we as Christians, act like we’re on crack or some other kind of hallucinagenic drug.

Facebook, like a lot of things, is morally neutral. It is not good or bad; it’s what one chooses to do with it. The issue, for the Christian, is not Facebook itself – it’s the issue of the heart. For instance, you can remove Facebook or anything else from a sick soul and they will still find a way to sin. Why? Because the heart is sick, the spirit diseased.

Some would say, “hey, but I can’t be on Facebook because of the temptation”. This is what I call a wise, self-aware person who knows their [own, personal] limits. We must know our limits and stay clear of the temptations that want to snare us. I have things that snare me that wouldn’t even bother you.  Because it snares me doesn’t mean I should tell you not to do it. Along those same lines, why prohibit an entire ministry from Facebook because of the failures of a few. To me that’s a broad sweep that makes little -ok – no sense to me.


In that case, they should have banned cars because they can transport people to sin? Oh yeah, we should abandon television because all the wickedness on it. Don’t forget the refrigerator – Lord knows that creates problems…at least for my thighs!

Again, if Facebook is getting you into trouble, get rid of it according to Matthew 18:9. It’s better to keep temptation away from you than to fall into sin. The self-assessment is yours, but the most important thing is to grow into the knowledge of Christ so that you can withstand the fiery darts of the enemy.

My Own Testimony…
I know this is getting long, but as a single woman I learned I could not put myself in certain situations. As a divorcee, one of my snares was excessive physical contact on dates. Fortunately, my now husband understood my devotion when I told him (on our second phone call) that I was celibate, nor did I did not allow anyone to kiss me in an intimate way (i.e. french kissing).  We actually shared our first kiss on our wedding day – my first in several years.

I knew my limits and God gave me strength and wisdom FOR MY JOURNEY. The Holy Spirit empowered me and I knew about that power over common sins because of good teaching!

Now, had I let that joker (my hubby) come over late at night, stay late hours, Netflix and chill… who knows what failures we’d suffered? Thankfully, we both were committed to guarding our hearts and staying pure before God. You get my point? Know your weakness so you may abstain from sin – whether Facebook, alcohol, clubs, etc.

Back to New Jersey
“I’ve been in extended counseling with couples with marital problems because of Facebook for the last year and a half…” Pastor Miller

Sorry, Pastor, but the reason you’re counseling those couples is much deeper than Facebook itself.

Ok, I admire this man of God’s spirit and am not trying to be disrespectful. But in my humble opinion, this is a classic case of mislabeling the root problem. In addition to counseling, his job is to rightly divide that Word so folks will grow, become whole and empowered in the Holy Spirit. He must also teach people to be spiritually reliant on God and not restrictions only.

Choose you this day….
I can tell you, when I was single and even tempted to compromise, I’d hear Dr. George Westlake’s (II) sermons in my mind and the scriptures I’d learned thumping up against my head. Then “I” had a choice to make Godly choices…or not. Do know, I didn’t always make the right choices, but at least I got to choose them. Thank God Pastor Westlake didn’t tell me what I could and could not do. Had he done it, he would have started resembling more cult leader rather than an awesome pastor.

You know I love dialogue. So tell me, what do you think?

Source: LA Times

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  1. I so agree with you!!!! I don’t know if you remember a ministry that was very well-known some years ago called IBLP, the leader, Bill Gothard, taught about root problems Facebook is the head of the dandelion, so-to-speak. The root of the issue isn’t what makes the sin more accessible. The root of the issue is the heart that is led by immorality. I am on FB and an ex-boyfriend sent me a friend request…now, I know that in a million years I wouldn’t have anything to do with him. But to keep things above board, I told my husband about it and ignored the request. It is so simple. FB can also be a great way of ministering to people – as I have had the opportunity to do. It is only a tool – and it can be used for good or evil, depending on whose hands use it. Sometimes we lay the blame at the wrong door.

  2. Honesty is always simple. You handled thta situation wisely because your heart and intentions are pure. We must get to the root of the dandeline.

    Christians are to be equipped and not controlled. Amen?

    I agree it’s a ministry tool!I praise God for FB.

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