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Today is a day of praise. What a long night!  You can’t imagine the pain and struggle the previous night brought to my family.

God has a way of carrying you through the fire, doesn’t He? After over twenty years walking with Him, His faithfulness still fascinates me.  I remember the pains and struggles of my life pre-Jesus Christ.  I always had such a hopeless, alone feeling.  I knew God existed and I knew He was in charge, but I couldn’t sense Him in the secret places of my soul. I now know why. He wasn’t there.

Until you come into an intimate relationship with Jesus, you always have an empty feeling.  It makes you wonder “is there more t life than just this?” But, once you surrender to Him and allow Him to be Lord of your life everything becomes multi-dimensional, in Technicolor.

Trouble still finds you, but so does a supernatural peace. So, does liquid love that covers you in the darkest of times. Psalm 27:5 Follow Me on Pinterest

Each and every time something in life goes awry, Christians have an important choice. Billy Graham calls it a choice “to draw near to God or to drift into away from Him”.  See, Christians can still drift away. They can choose to focus on the problem and not seek God through prayer and scripture. It’s almost as lonely as the before Christ period. Choose drawing near.

Near brings mysterious peace and joy unspeakable. Away [from God] ushers in fear (of the present and future) as well as doubt (often because of the past disappointments).

In those seasons, remember He’s with you, loves you and will never leave you strength-less or comfort-less. Why? Because He’s too faithful and the very universe hinges on His Word! He cannot deny His Word or His promises. He cannot deny you, His child.

His faithfulness builds *your* faith and builds your testimony. Your testimony, as share you it, brings glory to God!

It’s a perfect setup!

So, it’s all good! Amen?

PS: thanks for the texts, prayers and emails!

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  1. yes! you speak truth! I marvel at how He is always sanctifying us and growing us up…I am reminded once again that God is for us….He is always FOR us and He uses EVERYTHING to take us there…..I can’t wait to see Him face to face and know that I have known Him all along…He is always familiar and yet a mystery that I never bore of unfolding…. and knowing what lies ahead…

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