5 Myths Christians Believe


Don’t fall for these:

1. “The older you get, the wiser you get.”
Not always. Like me, you probably know some…shall we say…unwise older people. (You know I wanted to say “crazy” right?)

2. “Time heals all wounds and pain”
Again, not true. Time, in itself, doesn’t heal, Christ along with some time, support and prayer does. There is definitely some work on the part of the Christian.  Many people are walking around bitter because they are waiting for time to heal their pains. Sorry, time alone doesn’t heal by itself, it just may buffer the memory.

3. “All marriages get better after 5+ years.”
Yeah, right. Again, lots of work required. Even more than that, faith in God’s ability to change YOU and your ability to trust Him to change your spouse is very important. No freebies, here. Work, patience, faith and trust are requirements. Read 1 Corinthians 13.

4. “The longer you walk with Christ the more mature you become”
This one is a ‘kicker’ and very similar to #1. We mature in Christ as we realize we are nothing without Him and His never-ending grace. We mature as we allow the Holy Spirit to morph us into Christ’s image. We mature when we spend regular, quality time alone with Christ – allowing Him to do “open heart” surgery on our spirits. We mature as we turn away from the temptations, lusts and desires of this world. We mature as we realize that we are not perfect, but we can strive toward maturity in Christ. We can press on to live lives that would please our Father. A date on a calendar does nothing.

Hey, aging is just getting older. You can get older, dumber or just stay a baby Christian forever. I’m so tired of people bragging because they’ve been saved for twenty years – and yet have not matured past the point of cursing people out, living in unforgiveness or flipping the “bird” in traffic. Show us your life and we’ll know whether you’re mature or not. Time has nothing to do with it.

5. [Fill in the blank here] What are other myths, we as. Christians fall for?

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  1. You know #2 is one that I used to think differently about but now I see it is true. Time with a wound is just a long term wound. It really does take time with Christ.

    I think another myth we fall for is “The Sun always shines in Christianity.” Everything is always going to be good. And I think I see twinges of this when I’m shocked when something goes wrong.

  2. Mommy that’s a good one. Big, HUGE myth. If we could be “good” we wouldn’t need Christ. Beside our righteous is as filthy rags without the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. (Isa. 64:6)
    On my best day….Girrrl, I’m still a mess in my own strength. LOL

    Sheff, I used to believe both those myths. I though at 17 that my acceptance of Christ mean not more raining days. By 5:00 that evening I learned – NO-O-O-OT!

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