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My little person was sick with a little temp and an earache. Since he had a previous ear infection, I quickly suspected that either it had returned or he hadn’t fully recovered the first time.

In my frazzled state, I searched for a remedy to fix my baby’s discomfort. I saw Motrin. “Perfect”, I thought. Then I noticed a half full bottle of a pink antibiotic the doctor had given him weeks earlier. You know what I was thinking. I quickly texted my girlfriend that is also a doctor.

“Is it safe to give John-John left over antibiotic?”

I continued to text “He finished the first round, but had some left over”.

I tapped my fingers on the kitchen table as I waited for the “ding” that signified her response. Then, I heard the vibration of my Blackberry (yes, that’s what I had back in the day) and the ringing prompt I had been waiting for.

Her response was direct, clear and I got the point. I forgot the exact words, but let’s just say she said a “NO” that reverberated through cyberspace and made her intense passion very clear. Needless to say, I threw that stuff out and will never keep leftover antibiotics again. She scared me straight.

Seasons for Everything
As the seasons change in Kansas City, I thought about how our life seasons change as well. God in His matchless wisdom knows what we need in our lives and exactly when we need it. Sometimes, we create dissidence (or chaos) when we try to hold on to the old “stuff” and carry it into our new life seasons. (Think of the children of Israel and the manna!)For instance, how many of us hold on to clothes that were perfect for us in our 20’s and 30’s only to have them sit in our closets year after year. Why? Because either we can’t fit them any longer or the style is just not “us” anymore. Each time we look at those size “6’s” we just cringe because we know we should just get rid of them!Same goes for relationships. Like you, I have had friendships and relationships that suited me perfectly years ago, but aren’t as comfortable for me as they once were. It’s not that I’m any better than they are, nor or they any better than me, it’s just a matter of growth, timing and, well, seasons. The seasons changed and people that used to bring friendship can sometimes just bring grief – it depends on the season of life we’re in.

We’ve just gotta fact it

I have resigned to the fact that everyone in my life will not be in it as long as my best friend, Cheryle, has been. Thank God, she’s a lifetime relationship, but maturity recognizes that  not all relationships lifetime ones. Sometimes, we just have to let go to move forward.

We can release a lot of stress when we understand that God holds our future in perfect congruence with His will when we trust Him.
For years, I often read a quote that helps me so much. Here it is:

“We should dwell on the fact that right now — at this very moment — Christ is working behind the scenes for our good in countless ways that we cannot begin to recognize. If I lose something (or someone) I wanted, perhaps it wasn’t God’s will and He’s preparing something much better for me.”

That helps me let go. I trust Jesus with the right people, opportunities, ministries and relationships for my life. May I have the grace to let go when I need to and trust Him in every season. He knows what’s best for me (and you).

So, we don’t need to take (or hang onto) “old medicine” to bless our current lives. Sometimes things just expire.

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