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Recently, I returned to the “traditional” workforce – well not really – I work less than twenty hours a week.

I’m still consulting (TeriCBrooks.Com), but truthfully, I missed being part of a team. You know, the talking, exchanging of ideas… being a part of something special.

Some people think I’ve lost my mind. But it is a strategic move for me for a host of reasons. For one, I get to be around people regularly.

As a consultant, I’m paid hundreds of dollars an hour to talk about teams, but I haven’t really been part of one in many years. It feels somewhat hypocritical, ya know? During my trainings, I spout a bunch of theory, but in reality, I have lost touch with the practical experience of team-work. (Besides that, I want my Master’s and just maybe they’ll pay for it one day!) 🙂

So God opened a door – a very fascinating door.

I never would have imagined how much my perspective would change as a team-mate and not just a team-consultant. Things look different from the inside. It’s like the difference between being inside an airplane and looking down hundreds of miles into a community. From the aerial view, you can only see shapes and colors – but no real detail.

When you’re soaring above and around a neighborhood, the intricate “pieces” that compose the community are lost in the distance. The nuances are dull, blurry or non-existent from the loftiness of the air. If you are soaring above a community of which you are familiar, you can easily forget the sights and sounds associated with it. It just looks like something simple and uncomplicated – all because of the distance of height.

Not much you can do with that type of an experience, but enjoy it and look away. After a while, it grows boring. It’s the same at work.

Up close and personal, you see all the “pieces” that make up the entire work team. When you’re invested as part of the group, people’s personalities, habits and tendencies become amplified (sometimes this is a bad thing. Can I get a Amen?) When you’re in the team looking in, the “nuances” of the group are glaringly noticeable.

From a Godsy Girl perspective, it’s actually a beautiful thing.

Having been a work-alone consultant for years, I’m no longer accustomed to reporting to anyone, sharing my schedule or following the rules pre-set by others. As you can imagine, returning to a workplace is quite an adjustment. But it is a good adjustment. God is using this season to humble me and work out some of the “rough” edges I thought I had already smoothed. I personally think God intentionally uses colleagues to teach us valuable lessons about ourselves. He skillfully uses those daily interactions to cultivate empathy and the fruit of the Spirit in our lives. When you spend time with people, their hurts, needs and insecurities become evident. You’re compelled to act.

What an opportunity!

Each new day at work provides a fresh opportunity to be a blessing! It’s a chance to share a kind word to someone who desperately needs one. You can offer a compliment, be nice to someone that is…well…mean. In doing so, you’re sharing the heart of Christ and making the love of Jesus come alive.

Then there is my favorite part. I love to share Christ through my humor, words, conversation and lifestyle. At times, I miss the mark, but even then I try to turn it to God’s glory through humility and repentance, if necessary.

In fact, tomorrow, I already know who I will endeavor to be a blessing to tomorrow. She’s already in my mind’s eye. Pray that I succeed and make Jesus look good!

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