3 WaysYou Can Worship Today


Rom 12:1 “… present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship”

1. Use your “vehicle” to bless others. I am not referring to your car, but your body! For instance, use your mouth to speak only kindness to (and of) others.

Here’s a fun thing: challenge yourself to see how many times you can share God’s word in everyday vernacular. Say things like, “today is a good day, created for us to be happy”. Translation: “This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it”. Simple references to God’s living word can change your (or someone else’s) entire day. Go ahead, speak life today and see how God uses you.

Make your ears an instrument of worship by only listening to words that are true, loving and of a good report. Tune out the junk, gossip and negativity.

Your hands represent help. Assist someone that needs you today. Deliver someone’s copies to their desk – just because. Look for opportunities to use your body to bless others as a form of worship. God will notice and smile.

2. Obedience. The Bible says to obey those in authority – whether it be supervisors, law enforcement or whatever. Today, do your job with a fresh fervor and zeal. Not to please others, but as service to God. Make your work more than work; make it worshipful service to an audience of One. Today, when tempted to grumble, just do the thing with a smile. Remember, your work is for the Lord. He’s who the “worship dance” is for, not man.

You know, I’m a consultant and some clients can “work my nerves” (to all clients reading this; don’t worry, it’s not you). But, the Holy Spirit has showed me that God is honored when I am a gentle, kind and accommodating servant. Whether they yell or take out their frustrations on me – I try to be a blessing in return. I am learning to serve in gratefulness and humility (emphasis on l-e-a-r-n-i-n-g…on my way…work in progress).

3. Now, we get to the most common and recognizable form of worship – MUSIC. If you are able, keep the praise and worship going today, Godsy Girl. Praise music is a direct line to the power of worship! Feed your spirit with melodic uplifting reminders of God’s wonder through songs of praise.

If you cannot spike your day with Godly tunes, pray for a song. I do it all the time! Often the Lord gives me one I thought I had long forgotten. Then I’m humming it all day long. It quiets my soul and lifts my spirits.

There is power in worship. If you don’t believe me check out: 2 Chronicles 20 and Acts 16.

Praise on, Godsy Girl! Here’s a little help from the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir:


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  1. I love your blog, your have so accurately described the struggle that we all have, living
    God’s word through action. You have a lot of prayerful wisdom to share, and a quick read of your blog will go a long way to lift up our spirits and inspire us to follow (or at least work on following) the right path. Thanks. Have a wonderfully blessed day. Grace

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