10 Workshop Titles for Christian Women Workshops and Women’s Retreats


Workshop Titles for Christian Women Workshops

A singer I am not.

A musician I am not, but bless God, I can talk (and talk, and talk, etc.).

It’s my gift and I thank God for it. You know, I have spoken at countless Christian women’s’ retreats through the years and have heard that one of the toughest parts of organizing the program is coming up with creative workshop titles to attract participants.

For those of you involved in the planning ministries at your church, here are a few marketing-savvy titles for your next workshop. Many of these I have used to  facilitate fun, interactive workshops for Christian women. Fond memories.  I hope they serve you well.

Oh yes, I’ve added a few more since I first authored this blog post. Sorry the title “Workshop Titles for Christian Women Workshops ” is not quite accurate. But, more is always good! Check back soon.  I may add more.

1.” Jesus and the 201___ Woman” – Insights for Today’s Christian Woman

2. “Marriage in the 21st Century” – Modern Day Marriage Development

3. “You are who He Says you Are” – A Healthy Self-Image

4. “Being Light in a Dark World” – Evangelism tips and techniques for family, work, community and ministry

5. “Identifying Your Ministry Strengths” – What are your gifted to do?

6. “Managing Conflict God’s Way” – Scriptural Ways to Make (and keep) Peace

7. “God’s Kind of Woman” – Principles for Practical Christian Living

8. “You’ve Got A Husband!” – Single Mother and/or Single Women

9. ” The Proverbs 31 Woman was Crazy!”– The Challenges of the Contemporary Christian Wife

10. “Wives in Leadership”- Personal Development for Ministry Wives

11.”It’s time you fall” – Following difficult leaders and learning to get along

12. “You’re too heavy” – Setting aside the things that weight us down

13. “I’m enough and He’s more than enough” – Finding sufficiency in God

14. A Pearl of Great Price – “Walking in Godly confidence”

15. “Learning to Hang On”- Abiding in Christ according to John 15

If you use any of these titles, please include a small reference to GodsyGirl(TM) and the web address. Something like this would be an enormous blessing:

I also have some scriptures for your event here.

Thanks and blessings with your event!



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