You Need to Be Fixed – Handling Life’s Troubles


2 Corinthians 4:18: So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

Here’s an eye exam for you. How do you view your world, your marriage, your finances, your church, your children, your family, your ministry, your job, your spiritual growth, the economy, the community…etc.

The way you choose to see your “world” is directly connected to your (applied) faith in God. For some people, their mind is made. They are convinced nothing – absolutely nothing – is impossible for God. No matter how big the dilemma, it shrinks in comparison to God’s power and strength. that’s where I endeavor to “hang my hat”. How about you?

Why LOCK your eyes on Jesus?
Jesus has the ability – in a moment’s notice – to turn around your bad situation. What’s more, He gives you the supernatural strength to endure regardless how long as it takes.

He is a Hightower where you can hide from your troubles. He’s the source of peace when troubles cause your mind to reel in confusion. He’s your very present Help in time of trouble. The heart of the powerful people is in His hands. He does turns their desires as He sees fit. He heals hurts and restores what has been stolen. With this, and so much more, why look anywhere else?

It Won’t Last Long
His Word is eternal; it will never pass away. Go ahead, learn what the Bible says about your life; pray those victorious words daily. Get them into your spirit so your eyes can stay “fixed” on Jesus.

Remember, the troubles of this earth will soon pass away. Think of it: the stress of that nagging boss will be gone. Those challenges in your marriage will soon become a distant, cloudy memory. Your health issues won’t last forever. Those mean, hateful church members – not a forever thing.

These are all temporary and very unimportant elements of life. Resist the urge to mull them over and over in your mind. Think of them as temporary states of being and LOCK eyes with Jesus.

So much of faith is related to your ability to “fix” your eyes on Christ and His promises. Don’t focus on the lack, doubt, fear or the report of others. Discipline yourself, train yourself to keep your gaze in the right direction and you’ll see clearly.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! It’s really important to focus on His purpose for your life and leave the rest to Him. My life changed when I surrendered control…now I put all my troubles in His care and I with every passing trial that I overcome..I realize more and more that nothing is too big for my God.

    Thanks for your post on our site –

    We’re praising Him for the next 100 days as part of our Praise challenge. I hope you and your readers also join our Praise Band. God Bless!

  2. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome Post!!! A verse I keep close to my heart is Philippeans 4:8. Paul exhorts his readers to think on whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable…anything excellent or praiseworthy.

    Thank you for such a positive message! You are such an inspiration!!!

  3. Great! Sara, the mind is a large piece of the pie. When I think about my problems, I’m defeating myself. Sometimes, what we focus on is not even true, much less lovely…You oughta blog about that! 🙂

    Thanks Kaleb, love eyour site. Gonna check out the challenge. Sara, join me on Will visit it after church.

    Hugs, all!

  4. an important reminder is that God has the power to change things in your life but you have to be willing to submit to that power. He’s not going to make things better for you if you don’t think you need Him and can do it all yourself.

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