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Our church choir sang one of those songs that ignites a fire in my spirit every time I hear it. It’s called “My Worship is For Real” For me that song rings in your spirit days after you hear it. A song like that pierces through every veil of pretension and fleshy confidence to a place where all of life’s “junk” is burned off…just for that sweet moment of worship.

Worship is So Important

People that do not fully value worship perplex me. Worship is the first thing you yearn to do when God has made an authentic change in your life. Now, I don’t need to SEE their worship and neither do you. Some people worship quietly and inconspicuously and that is ok. But you must admit true worshipers carry a sort of spiritual brand. It’s like an invisible mark of the Holy Spirit. You can spot a true worshipper a mile away.

“No, No, It’s Not That

A lot of people think all worship is rooted in emotionalism. My ears hurt when I hear that. Sure, people show and express emotions during worship; but it can never be reduced to just that. Worship should resonate from the depths of your very soul – past all emotions and nervous apprehensions. Like when you close your eyes, shut out everything around you and in your spirit you reach, reach and reach more toward the Holy of Holies. You press through the senses so you can express your gratitude, adoration, admiration and intense devotion for the Lover of your soul – sweet Jesus. You know what I mean?

In the Spirit…

During that sort of worship, God’s heart has a bull’s-eye on it. Your intention is to reach His heart with your praise and to exalt Him with your adulation. When that happens, in spite of the hundreds [or even thousands] of people around you; you are instantly alone with Jesus Christ. In the spirit, you are kneeling at the throne; bowing at His feet; lifting your hands in praise for who He is- all He has done; all He is doing and everything He will do.

It is All Okay

There you may stand justified and righteous- spotless before a loving Father. You don’t have to come as one who is raggedy, trifling and burdened by the weight of sin. Jesus’ blood makes your worship pure. It qualifies you; justifies you and you wear the shroud of sin no longer. You can come boldly to the throne of grace because He set you free. He blotted out the debt of sin that was against you and saved you by paying your penalty.

Again, worship is not emotional, it’s spiritual. If your worship is rooted in emotionalism – something is wrong. Remember, spiritual worship consumes every part of your being and leaves an impression on your soul – in the end it has little to do with you. It’s all about Him (as pastor Nate Holcomb would say).

So yes, your worship is for real. It is heartfelt, genuine, and most importantly acceptable, because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Go ahead and worship, Godsy Girl!

Check out the song that blessed me so here:

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