A Father’s Day Thought: Proverbs 32 (Yeah 32)


Aaaah… the Proverbs 31 woman.

I believe she was an ideal, but that’s all right. I can still strive to be like her. Remember, a proverb is simply a wise, concrete saying.

Well, I would never add to the Bible, but the following is my idea of a Proverbs 32 Dad. Strive, brothers, strive!

Praise God for the Dads who:

1. Model their approach to fatherhood after God’s own example to us.

2. Recognize God as first priority in their lives, their wives and children second, and everything else a distant third. What you sow into grows and thrives – make it your family.

3. Pay child support and co-parent [with moms and mamas] regardless how they “feel” about the past relationships.

4. Take time to regularly read to their children, play with their children and care for their children – when no one is looking.

5. Do not provoke their children to anger thinking they will make them “tougher”. Please pick up a book on parenting and try “Men’s Lives” by Kimmel and Messner.

6. Stay the long haul and resist the urge to selfishly run away from fatherhood.

7. Understand the value of loving their children through all the junk, disappointment, pain and rebellion.

8. Intercede [pray] for their children regularly and fervently.

9. “Father” the fatherless; filling the gaps left by the dumb, silly, selfish dads.

10. Are humble enough to say “I’m sorry” to children and wives when they fail.

11. Discipline in love and not anger – understanding spanking is not the ONLY way to correct a child.

12. Lead a genuine spiritual life in their homes (when no one is looking) – leading in prayer, leading in Bible study and modeling strong Christian development.

13. Walk humbly (not proud or arrogant) before their family and their God.

14. Work to provide for the home and labor to keep the family’s needs met.

15. Rebound from their mistakes and blunders to start fresh, when necessary – as often as necessary.

Let’s be real. Most of these elements are not present in our marriages nor did our dads live some of these examples. However, pray for your man and the men in your lives.

Use this list as a guide. I know somewhere these dads exist. If so, share about him on GodsyGirl.Com. It will be a blessing to so many and encourage us to continue praying. Pass this on to the men in your life.
Man of God, Dad, Pappi,: it is He that works in you to do of His good pleasure. He’ll help you be the man of God you always wished you had in your own life. Just walk humbly before Him first and your family second. Do not neglect them.

They need you and may grow cold toward you if you don’t esteem them as you should. Nothing is sadder than a lonely old man saying “If only I had taken care of my wife and family…”. When they’re gone, it may be too late.



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