Live it UP – Not Down


Have you ever been tempted to live “down”?

What I call living down has many connotations. Essentially, it means living beneath your greatness to make others feel comfortable. I’ve learned about fifteen years ago, that it is not my concern when people feel intimidated or inferior to me. Please note: I don’t live my life trying to make others uncomfortable, that would be…just..mean.

At the same time, I don’t live my life to make them feel comfortable around me. They just must accept me as I am…take me as I come. If that means that my lifestyle challenges theirs – ok. Or better yet, if their lifestyle and spiritual maturity challenges me to live “up” a bit, I say “Praise God!”

Back In the Day

Years ago, I learned who my friends were when I decided to live my life God’s way. When I stopped cursing about twenty years ago, some friends told me “Girl, it doesn’t take all that to be a Christian”. I felt weird, but I knew I couldn’t serve God and have cursing come from the same mouth as blessing. God helped me change.

Or when I decided to live celibate (yeah, I said it) and wait until marriage for sex, several folks made jokes about me, some guys dumped me. It was OK, I kept my head up; I changed friends and God blessed me in the long run.

My A-HA Moment
Then it hit me: I don’t have to live my life in ways to make others feel “comfortable” with theirs. If I’m nothing else in this life, I want to be authentic. I want to be real and I want to portray a faith that empowers others to walk out Godly principles.

One of my dreams is to lead others to Christ through my lifestyle, words and conviction. If that makes folks feel strange around me, so be it.

Sooo, I’m not going to drink just because you’re drinking, smoke because you’re smoking, curse because you do or listen to raunchy jokes because my colleagues are!

Hey, I am far from perfect, but I strive for it everyday. Sure, I fall short…that’s what mercy and grace is for. But the next day, I try to live “up” to God’s standards afresh.

Godsy Girl, live your life up. Have high standards. Work hard. Be God’s girl. Forget others and their “comfort” levels. Be yourself and walk out your faith the way God calls you to do it. Walking with the Lord costs a lot, but as Carolyn Cofield used to say “It cost what it costs”.


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  1. Awesome post! I want to be you when I grow up! Seriously, though, that is the peace you get from knowing God and living the way HE wants you to. Keep on stepping, hun!

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