Little Down Today…


Ever had a “down” day? Sure you have, we all do from time to time.

I had one today. The truth is that I have so many coals in the fire that at times I can’t determine whether I’m “down” or just sleepy. Either way, I needed a re-charge today.

Here’s what helped me:

1. I called a trusty friend for prayer and support. You know what I mean by trusty, don’t you? That’s the friend that knows just about everything going on in your life and consistently supports and loves on you.

2. I loaded the praise and worship. This is important because when you worship, you forget your problems. It’s a mystery but it’s true. As you exalt God; life’s woes just seems to shrink in comparison to His greatness.

3. I prayed. I just spent some time alone with the Lord and told Him all about the chaos. I waited…breathed and felt His comfort almost instantly.

4. I worked out. I popped in my “Walk Away the Pounds” DVD and sweated a bit (I should feel “draggy” more often! Maybe I’d lose those fifteen pounds!)

5. “You’re allowed” I gave myself permission to not be my “chipper” self. It’s okay to have a “down” day. You’re human! The key is not to live there. Go ahead, allow yourself to feel what you feel when you feel it -but don’t camp there. Sigh, cry, and recover, Godsy Girl.

P.S. One of my favorite young ladies at the Church, sent me an amazing email of encouragement…just for no reason! That really ministered to both me and my hubby! love you Sierra!

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