Don’t Miss the Simple Blessings.


Hey Godsy Girls!

Simple things make life worth living. An inner ear problem made this week particularly challenging, but good things happened.

Monday I spent a wonderful lunch with some great ladies at a Kansas City hot spot called “The Mixx”. It’s right next to Chipotle in the same little area that the Plaza Library resides.

We met her by happenstance.

While enjoying awesome food, something occurred at the restaurant that could have easily compromised our [otherwise] terrific experience. Before we knew it, over popped JoMarie. Her humility and kindness masked the fact that she is the owner. With her modest dress and unpretentious demeanor, she’s like a ball of warm, friendly light. Very authentic, caring and…REAL! Anyway, she apologized for the dubious situation at the restaurant (in which she probably saved someone’s life!) and presented each of us free gift cards!

Not only was she remarkably likable, but she is also devout foodie. She’s devoted to making eating healthy fun, intriguing and enjoyable. She’s so knowledgeable that I referred to her as a “healthy food Yoda” to one of my girlfriends.

JoMarie introduced us to the natural sweetener Agava Nectar with complimentary iced teas (she’s like the gift that keeps on giving). I love the stuff! It was so yummy that my relationship with sugar is forever changed. “Buy it from Costco” she said “It’s much cheaper there”.

You just gotta love her.

Well, as I mend and heal, I fondly recall my experience at The Mixx. In fact, I have already planned to take my friend, Debbie, there next week!

Dont you just love nice days, great restaurants and cool people? Albeit simple, each are blessings, I’d say!

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  1. As I have been away from my own blog, I have missed some new followers like you….I’m so excited to have a new blog to read, especially when it’s Christ centered!!! Thank you, for your words,….truly a blessing!


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