Do you KNOW Jesus?


God asks a question. “Would you rather know me or know about me?”

This conundrum plagues many believers of Christ because we live in this earthly shell. A system of logic and reasoning are a part of that shell. In my opinion, our earthly rationalizations can be an enemy to our faith in a living, mysterious and moving God. Have you ever noticed when God tells you something a little out of the ordinary your mind jumps into the conversation? Logic instantly says “NO! That doesn’t make sense!” Or you may hear something like “How can you pay tithes when you barely have enough to make ends meet?” Here’s another: “Don’t let that man go! You may not find anyone else at your age – sleep with him, give him your all”. You know what I mean.

In the Bible the term knowing has several connotations. I am not a Bible scholar, but I am smart enough to know that you can know someone in a casual sense, but not really KNOW them. Think of Michelle Obama. You can probably quote her educational background, hometown and even her children’s names – but do you really know her? If you do, you can tell me what color she wore to her first dance, the restauarant she and her first boyfriend had dinner or if she has a birth mark. Get my point? Most of us don’t know her, we just know about her.
One of the greatest joys in my life is discovering the depth of God’s love for me. Almost each day, I find a new revelation of how much He gave for me and how much I owe him. One of my favorite people says “God owes me nothing; but I owe Him everything. So true. Think of it: the infinate, unsearchable God of the universe extends His holy, blameless hand downward from heaven to be in relationship with me. Me? It’s incomprehensible, but true for me and you too.

Our goal must be to know Him as intimately as we can. Only then, He can use us as instruments of righteousness for His namesake. Trust me, Godsy Girl. It will cost you; it may also be uncomfortable; but the rewards will change your life for an eternity-literally. An intimate encounter with Jesus will involve fellowship in His sufferings, but will also reward the power of His mighty ressurection.

So, how do we know Jesus? Really, truely and authentically know Him?

Your Bible. The formula is quite simple. Spend time reading the Word of God. Dive into scripture with careless fervor! You may not understand everything you read [here’s a secret…no one does] but it’s ok. Time in the Word will yield unending benefits and the Holy Spirit often provides valuable insights as you continue to search out and study scripture.
Your Prayer Life. Secondly, do not neglect personal, quiet and exclusive time in prayer. Find time in your busy life to just talk to God – then listen. Sometimes these silos of stolen time will be less than other times, but connect your spirit with His on a very regular basis.

Hey, I don’t claim to know everything or even very much about God, but I do know His voice and I love, love, love his Word. The last twenty two years walking with Him have been astonishing, fulfilling and life-changing. Even with my twenty-plus years as His “Girl”, child, servant, slave, redeemed is my life blood. Further, I am aware that what I know about Him isn’t as big as the tip of a pin. But learning more each day makes like worth living. Get to know Him for yourself, Godsy Girl!
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  1. Just talking about this with my Sunday School kids. We talked about what it means to be bound to Christ, the nature of intimacy, and how to cultivate that in our Christian lives. I loved how you explained it with the Michelle Obama example!

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