Reach, Girl, Reach…


This evening my husband and I launched our church’s respite (called “Gethsemane”) by spending some much needed time together. We watched Jefferson Moore’s movie “The Perfect Stranger”.

The movie depicts an unbeliever during an unexpected evening with a real, modern day Jesus. I’ve seen the movie several times now, but each time it reminds me of God’s availability during and empathy for my Christian walk on this earth.

This world can be cold. Relationships grow dull, age steals what was once taken for granted and death decays our views of mortality and personal security. At times, life is an uphill battle for your joy.

Jesus is very aware of our strains and stresses in this world and provides an olive branch of strength and comfort by way of the Holy Spirit. We only need to accept the help and trust Him with the big stuff (and the little stuff) of this earthly journey. Sometimes, we make that more difficult than it need be. Trust, that’s all we have to do…trust.

Also, hang your spiritual hat on the fact that Jesus has already knew you’d have a difficult time in this life. He warned us a long time ago. But the good news, Godsy Girl, is that He also gave us a winning hint of victory. How? He said that although the world is a rough place to live, HE overcame the world for us! Isn’t that good news? Every problem, every sickness, every battle and every temptation has been overcome by the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross. We simple need to walk in His strength and remember the victory He won for us long ago!
Grab hold to your present help today. Remember, you’re not along in this “thing” call life and your Help never tires of delivering you and bringing peace.

P.S. thanks for the prayers and emails during my journey. 🙂

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