Top 5 Challenges Facing Christian Women Today


Challenge #2:

“Where do I fit? What do I believe”
The Role of Women in Ministry

Would you sit under a woman pastor? Do you?

Scores of modern day Christian women assume nontraditional leadership roles in churches and ministries. For some, the new open mindedness is refreshing indicative of a fresh move of God, but for others it is threatening and damaging to the status quo of male leadership.

To further complicate the issue, some modern-day female leaders [like their male counterparts] have fallen shamefully short in ministerial leadership giving their critic ministerial “ammo” against women in headship.

But does that mean that women should not be empowered to be leaders in the Church?

Let’s look at this challenge from both perspectives. Some would say the Bible gives several examples of women in ministerial roles of responsibility. Others would counter by declaring that none of those Godsy Girls™ were pastors or senior pastors, thereby nullifying the role of women in pastorial leadership. Complicated, huh?

One of my girlfriends, a college-educated, seasoned Christian celebrated her twenty ninth birthday last Spring. When I asked her opinion, she paused to ponder the question. Shortly thereafter, with a sigh, she said “if God cannot find a man suitable for leadership, He will choose a willing woman”.
Later, I asked another friend in her mid-forties. Ironically, her denomination ordains and develops women as ministerial leaders. She articulated her opinion this way: “Teri, where does it end? We cannot re-write the Bible to suit our culture – our culture must be re-designed to suit the Bible.”

She is opposed to women as pastors.

Is pastorial ministry only for males? How does a contemporary Christian woman reconcile the myriad of issues and determine on which side of the line she stands? Is a sense or “feeling” of a call from God enough? Or should she, and the Church, follow strict Biblical precedent as interpreted by some? The questions are endless.

As a 2013 woman (or loyal Godsy Girl reader), what do you say about this challenge facing today’s Christian woman?

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  1. Boy, you’re asking loaded questions on your blog. I think it takes more than a comment to answer your question. People have written books on this!

    My opinion – there’s so much for women to do in ministry. I don’t think we need to get hung up on a title. The heart of the matter is for us to be willing to be used by God. He won’t go against His word, so whatever He requires of us will fit into the guidelines of the Bible.


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