Melchizedek in Our Lives…Praise God!


For years, the first few chapters of the book of Hebrews befuddled me during my personal Bible study. In those days, I read only from the King James and couldn’t quite grasp the concept of Melchizedek. Matthew was my friend. I understand that book, but Hebrews with Melchizedek sincerely baffled me. Am I alone?

“Who the heck is Melchizedek?” I wondered in my teens. So, I’d usually fast-forward past that part and get to the “good” and easy to understand stuff in Hebrews 11 and 12.

Well, what I later discovered is that Hebrews is multi-dimensional and pregnant with astonishing life lessons and principles for Godsy Girls™. For instance, Hebrews chapter 7:2 depicts Abraham (then Abram) as he encountered Melchizedek after a victory in Chedorlaomer. (Genesis 14:17-18 NASB). (Other translations interpret the place differently.)

What does this tell Godsy Girls?

After the battle, Melchizedek came to meet Abram and those with him. That reminds me of how Jesus redemptively came for us. He came to seek (and save) us when we were lost beyond earthly salvation (Luke 19:10). He came [and continues to come] to us in our despair, our grief, our pain and the rigors of daily life. You’re never alone with a Savior that comes for you.

Back to the story. Just after meeting them, Melchizedek broke out bread and wine to feed and fellowship with them. Jesus is our bread – He’s the bread of life! Read Luke 19:10. You’ll never be hungry again if you trust Him. He will give you spiritual fullness you can’t get anywhere else. But it’s on you to fellowship with Him, to experience Him, to explore Him. I could go into the parallel of the wine and the power of the blood of Jesus, but this post would become a book!

A blessing…lots of blessings!

Then Melchizedek blessed them. I don’t have to explain that parallel. Our most precious blessing is salvation, communion with and access to God in prayer for fellowship and direction. Then there are the natural blessings. For example, as a young single mom, I’ve seen Jesus work wonders when my resources were minimal to none. God just does unexplainable things to care for His people. Many times, I didn’t even have to ask and God just pulled out the “bread and wine” and met my practical and spiritual needs. Beautifully amazing.

He came for me and I’m blessed…now what?

So, after you receive His wonderful blessings, what’s the next natural progression of love? Well, after the blessings from Melchizedek, Abram offered his gift of tithes. After receiving God’s love, forgiveness, patience and kindness, it’s only natural to want to give Him our sacrifice. Repayment is impossible for all He’s done and will do, but we can demonstrate our love by humbly offering what’s in our hand (or power) to give.

Romans 12:1 says that we should offer our bodies, “holy and acceptable as our spiritual act of worship”. Present your body, your habits, your strengths, your weaknesses, your time, your talents and your obedience as a start. Lay on the alter everything your are and all that you hope to become.

That would be a perfect sacrifice to offer to your High Priest.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this. Got a understanding of some things. I am a baby in Christ but I have developed a relationship with him when i did lay it all out and gave it up to him. I am still going through somethings but just knowing I have ma Saviour in ma heart lets me know that I don’t have to worry and I will be just dandy! Be Blessed and thank you.

  2. What freedom is there in recognizing that we can earn something we already have. Then we are free to give (together) and can spend the day trying to find new ways to say I love you.

    “He came for me and I am blessed….now what?”

    I’m stealing this. I hope you’ll forgive me.

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