He’s Always Willing: He is the God that Healeth thee.


Have you ever wondered if God wants to heal someone or even yourself?

This morning I was reading Luke 5:12-15. The story is about a leper that approaches Jesus in hopes of being healed. He asked the way many of us petition the Lord – safely and petrified with fear. His request was buried in a statement and masked in uncertainty.

“Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean.”

I like the way Peterson’s Message interprets the scripture. He says “if you want to…”

I’ve read articles and listened to sermons that make me wonder if people are not so wrapped up in learning about God that they don’t intimately know Him. They seem to get some kind of pleasure from making God’s intentions toward us vague and almost indiscernible. That frustrates me. I in no means want to imply that I completely understand the will of God – far from it. But I do understand that God loves you and I with an everlasting love. I understand that perfect love casts out all fear. I know that all power in heaven and earth dwells in His beautiful, powerful and almighty hands. I further understand that He means to do me good and not evil all the days of my life. That much I know and understand – no seminary training required.

With this understanding, this comprehension, why would I hesitate to fellowship with Him in prayer? Why would I waver in my prayers for healing for myself and for others? Jesus has demonstrated time and time again His ability and desire to heal and make whole. Check out scripture. He healed time and time again. He described healing as the bread of His children. He’s a Healer – plain and simple.

Like you, I’ve prayed for people to be healed only to have God choose to end their life here on earth. Before you run the next time I offer to pray for you, let me say that I have also seen God raise up the sick as a result of fervent prayer. In either scenario, He’s a healer.

I know my stance about healing is perplexing. After all, I have lost most of my family to sudden death. But still I’m convinced of His healing power. Jesus said of himself that he came to heal the sick and I believe Him. Now, whether He chooses to heal on this side of heaven or the other side of heaven is His business. I pray in faith nonetheless – that’s my part. His part is to deliver on His promises to heal. Again, He may bring healing here on earth or in glorification in heaven. He knows what’s best.

Not only is the Lord Jesus able to help us and bring healing; but let me reinforce something very beautiful: He wants to help us. He called us by name and we are His. He would be an infidel (by Paul’s terms) if He didn’t take care of us. Trust Him and if you have stepped into His family by way of Jesus Christ, He wants to help you and He is committed to care for you as a Father can and should. I hope I stirred up your faith in God’s power to heal and deliver. Now, once He heals, tell everyone you can, share your testimony! In doing so, you’ll bring glory to Him and build the faith of those struggling in faith.

Love you!

1 John 4:18
Jeremiah 31:3
Psalm 107:20
Matthew 6:13
Mark 7:27-29
Exodus 15:26
James 5:14-16

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  1. To “pray in faith, nonetheless–that’s my part”… I love the way you put this!! You could also put in regardless, in spite of, in the face of… It’s that faithfulness in all things God wants to cultivate within us.

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