Five Reasons People Don’t Turn to Christ: Part 4


Excuse# 4: “I don’t go to church because that preacher wants your money.”

Godsy Girl Answer: This excuse always cracks me up. Why you ask? Because it’s true! You didn’t expect that from a preacher’s wife, did ya?

Well, here are my thoughts:

People are more than willing to give money to Kohl’s, Macy’s and Nordstroms for what they feel will enrich their lives. But when it comes to strengthening their spiritual “muscles”, they want everything free!

Now, if you’ve got a greedy pastor that wants ONLY your money, you’ve have a problem. On the flip side, if you desire a pastor that will stand by you in trouble; come to see you when you’re in the hospital and counsel you through difficulty – he’ll need to be one hundred percent supported by the church. Otherwise, the next time you need him…he may be busy….at work.

Secondly, you go to church to worship, right? Well, you need lights, heat and air conditioning during the summer months. That costs money, Honey.

So, don’t be angry when your pastor encourages you to give. The Word of God tells you to give; not to judge. If you cannot trust your pastor with your money, how can you trust him with your soul? Think about it.

Disclaimer: I am not advocating for the pastor “pimps” of the world. I understand that some pastors parasite off of the congregants. That’s sad and dangerous. God will deal with them. A responsible pastor will have regular business meetings with easy-to-understand financial statements and disclosures to build confidence and spotlight accountability.


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