Five Reasons People Don’t Turn To Christ – Part 3


Excuse 3:“Hey, I grew up going to church”. I’m good.

Godsy Girl Answer: We’ve all heard – or said – this one before. Although, logically it makes sense, in reality it’s just a smoke screen. For instance, I grew up going inside and outside a garage on my way to school, but that doesn’t make me a Buick, now does it? Growing up in church means little.

The fact of the matter is the past doesn’t really matter at all. We must be concerned with where our relationship with Christ is NOW. When a person uses this excuse, it’s a way of rationalizes his/her own doubts. But after a little conversation, you’ll soon be able to explain the value of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ – right here and now.

Besides, everyone who claims the Lord will not be recognized by Him. We must know Him, serve Him and be convinced of our solid relationship with Him. (Read Mathew 7: 21-29)

The bottom line: we all need forgiveness, we long for a Friend that won’t abandon us and we hope for a bright future. God offers all of these things in one package!

So, as you minister to the lost, be patient, Godsy Girl. Listen and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. Pray the Holy Spirit reveals to this person how much they need Him to live in peace, comfort and security.

Read John 15:15, John 11:25-26, John 5:24 and Jeremiah 29:11-13

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