Five reasons people don’t turn to Christ – Part 2


Excuse 2:Christianity is a crutch, it’s for weak people”.

Godsy Girl Answer: First of all, let’s chat about what a crutch does. A crutch is a resource used to provide support when some a weakness prevents full functionality. Get where I’m going, Godsy Girl?

With that said, they’re exactly right. We, as human beings, are incredibly frail, weak beings. We require (and long for) the sort of supernatural support that only God can supply. Here’s how it plays out: in order to be genuinely strong, we must rely on and trust in God completely. Many people don’t have enough courage or faith to do that; but those who do understand me very well. In Him we live, move and have our being. No way around it. (Read John 15:5)

Without the energizing power of Jesus, you are destined to venture through life saying “There’s just something missing” and asking “What is it?” A lot of people mistakenly assume money will satisfy that worrisome powerless void – but it doesn’t. Other folks try one relationship after another to feel empowered – that doesn’t work either. Then there are those that try personal achievement to remedy that enduring emptiness – but they are soon disappointed.

In history, countless millionaires declared that money doesn’t fulfill the lingering void of humanity. Imagine that…with all the money, power or fame, their lives still lack “something”. Well, that “something” is Jesus Christ. No way around it. We so desperately need Him that an aching place in our depths actually long for Him.

There will be times in your life you will need Him as a crutch. Someone you love will die and you will need a Crutch. Your marriage will test your patience and you’ll call on your Crutch, Jesus. Your children may hurt you and you will reach for your heavenly Crutch. Disappointment, illness, financial problems and heartbreak are all Crutch-worthy too!

So, yep, Christianity is for weak people – just like you and me. I proudly admit my weaknesses apart from Him. I needed a Savior at Calvary and I need one every second of my day! Honest people admit that they do too!

Accept Him; invite Him into your life and watch Him blow your mind, Godsy Girl!

“Never work just for money or for power.

They won’t save your soul or help you sleep at night.”

Marian Wright Edelman

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