The Final Reason People Reject Christ


This is the final part to the Godsy Girl series “Five reasons people reject Christ”. Ironically, the final installment is the most difficult to write– because it cuts all of us.

After a lot of prayer, I concluded that the final and terribly significant reason people reject Christ is….us.

Years ago, a famous basketball player angered countless people when he denied being a role model. His success put him in a national and global spotlight. As a result, like it or not, he was a role model to millions.

On earth, just like that basketball player, we are God’s ambassadors. Like it or not. When we profess Christ, we begin wearing a spiritual banner that says “WANT TO SEE WHAT GOD IS ALL ABOUT? WATCH MY LIFE!” Scary, huh?

The main reason many people reject Christ is because they do not see victory or power in the lives of Christians. Our marriages fall apart just as theirs does – and for selfish, egotistical reasons. Our finances are just as bungled as theirs because we spend just as irresponsibly. Many Christians are oppressed and vexed just as severely as the unsaved. That’s not all: many times we are partying just as hard as they do. There’s little to differentiate them from us. So, why would they come to Christ? How can they be attracted to a God that cannot change our lives…. much less theirs?

Nobody’s Perfect

Now, I’m not saying that Christians should live perfect lives. No way – impossible. We make mistakes…same as everyone else. We’re not exempt from trouble because we convert to Christianity. But there has to be a difference…a distinction between our lives and theirs. We ought to struggle through trials differently than those with no hope. We must rely on different resources than they do. Instead of the “weed”, we pick up the Bible for soothing relief. Instead of the bottle, we spend time in prayer until we know that heaven has moved.

If we serve a God that can renew our minds and give us power to live the fruits of the Spirit, then we must take full advantage of that help. Not only when trouble comes. We’ve got to utilize the power of the Holy Spirit everyday to conform us into the image of Christ here on earth. We’ve got to mature.

Show Them Jesus

When we make mistakes, we, as Christians, should be the first to say “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have behaved that way.” Or “Boy, did I make a misstep? Thank God for grace!!! I won’t do that again”. Or say “Wow! That’s not Godly, sorry”.

Always strive to walk in holiness, humility and be lead by the Holy Spirit of God. People don’t need perfection to be attracted to Christianity, but they need a standard. They need to see the power of God in our lives so much that they want it for themselves. They need to see power over fornication (sex outside marriage), power over hopelessness, and power over drugs and alcohol. They need to see power over moodiness, jealousy and insecurity. Hey, they need to see power over being a self-righteous church member. How about power to walk away when we’re mistreated? What about the power to love your spouse when he’s are unlovable? They yearn to see the power of Jesus Christ in our lives.

Where Do We Get That Power?

Praying regularly [and for a period of time] will give us the power we need to apply the Word of God to our lives. Praying on the “go” is fine; the Bible says we should pray without ceasing. How do we do it? We pray all of the time. But that cannot be the only time we spend with the Lord.

In order to walk in complete victory and close fellowship with Jesus Christ, we must invest our spiritual resources into quality time with Him every day. Jesus said that God’s Word is His bread. It’s ours too. Without bread we become weak Christians.

Make a habit of feasting with God and you’re strength and loving-kindness will draw others to Him! No doubt.

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Help all of us. What other reasons do people reject Christ?

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