Oh, To Know Him…


Today I started reading “Drawing Near” by John Bevere.

The first chapter begins “There is a call-no, a cry – coming from the heart of God and with each passing day it’s intensity increases: “Why are you satisfied without my presences; why do you remain distant when you could have intimacy with Me?”


Whether we spend six minutes a day in prayer or six hours, we all long for deeper communion and fellowship with the Holy Spirit. I personally believe that when we become too “comfortable” with our Christian walk, complacency may soon follow. Remember Psalm 43:1 and 2?

Like Paul, I long to know Him – in the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings. My prayer today is: “Lord, give me the strength to know that even when I suffer, I’m can experience your fellowship, guardianship and companionship.”

In the end that’s all that matters. Amen?

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