Your Destiny – Set Aside and Reserved


I love the story of King Saul found in ISamuel 11. His end was dubious; but the beginning of his kingdom was a perfect illustration of the calculated workings of the Lord.

Here’s how it played out.

Saul’s father told him to go and search for the family’s lost sheep. In obedience, he began the journey alongside a servant. The two had no success. Then the servant had a suggestion. He recommended they see Samuel – the man of God – for advice. In humility, Saul agreed to the words of the servant.

During that encounter, Saul learned God’s enormous and abundant plan for his life.

Saul was absolutely “floored” by the idea of being king over all of Israel. But little did he know, God had the wheels spinning long before he arrived at Samuel’s home! In fact, the prophet prepared a special meal just for Saul and had it “set aside” pending his arrival. I get chills when I think of how Samuel presented the food to Saul. He said “here is what has been reserved… it has been kept for you until the appointed time” (vs. 24 NASV)

Saul could have never imagined a little chore for his dad would position him for his destiny. Think about it: had he not been obedient and humble, we would not have this beautiful story. What if Saul had said “nope” when his father told him to find the sheep? Secondly, what if he had been too arrogant to follow the advice of a “lowly” servant? Then he would not have met the man of God and received what was “set aside” and “reserved” for him!

Godsy Girl, as you venture along life’s journey- running your errands, being obedient and humble – know that God is at work preparing your ‘set aside” and “reserved” destiny. You don’t’ have to manipulate anything, toil in vain or stress out about it. Your “set aside” purpose is secure; protected by the armies of heaven and the Creator of all things. God has it. He will not lose it or cheat you out of it. Simply walk in His statutes.

At the appointed time, you’ll receive what God has set aside just for you.

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