On Their Shoulders We Stand…


Recently, my church hosted a women’s retreat to refresh and enrich the lives of the moms, daughters and sisters. I was blessed to have my cousin, Karen Mills Robinson, as keynote speaker. It was such a blessing to see her once again. Ironically, God revealed the depth of the blessing during the first night of the retreat.

Karen and I come from a long legacy of ministry. We are the offspring of pastors, evangelist and faithful church members. Neither of us have lived perfect lives ourselves, but we have always had an awareness of our spiritual heritage.

The evening I was to introduce Karen to the women at the retreat, my spirit was full. As I gazed over at her, I recalled the faithful service of our grandparents, Rev. Solomon Mills and Sister Ethel Mills. I thought of the prayers of Karen’s late father, Rev. Charles Mills and how he blessed me with my first “real” Bible once I had accepted Christ at 17.

My cup runneth over.

In childish exuberance, I asked my Heavenly Father, if at all possible, if He would allow Grandpa and Grandma see their babies ministering in Christian service. I know that may shake the theology of some, but I’m not concerned about that. I am just so excited about what God is doing and has done in our lives. As I serve as a pastor’s wife, I thank Him for the prayers of those gone on and the valuable lessons they taught us.

May we be just as faithful with those coming behind us. May we diligently sow into their lives faith, power and knowledge of the Most High God. Selah.

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