God’s Best “PR” Agent….YOU!


The Word is alive and helps us live His Way!

Recently, I happened upon one of “those” scriptures. You know what I mean, a scripture that just stops you…arrests you and won’t let you go. You try to continue reading, but you can’t. You’re frozen in that moment- staring at the same words on the white page until they become blurry. Some call that a rhema moment.

Anyway, I was reading about King David. David had an affair with a married woman, got her pregnant and put a contract out on her husband. Nathan, the prophet, declared David’s punishment would the baby’s life. That part I’d read before, so I wasn’t terribly moved.

But as I continued to read, I was floored!

In 2Samuel 12:14 (NASV), it says the child died because David had “given occasion to the enemies of the Lord to blaspheme”. I couldn’t move one.

Allow Me to Use My “I” Voice
My own life came into view. Like you, I strive to live a life of holiness. Also like you, I often miss the mark and fall short. I’m careful not camp out there. I ask for forgiveness and help; then I move on. If I didn’t repent and move on, my liberty was affected. It hurt my ability to worship and made day-to-day living a chore.

As you know, sin separates me [and you] from close fellowship with the Father. It leaves the Holy Spirit prodding my spirit time and time again. My peace diminishes and I become anxious. When I was a “baby Christian”, I would drink alcohol to dull my senses; but it didn’t work. I even pretended my sin wasn’t sin, but it didn’t help. It was the pits.

Until I read this scripture, I never considered how my “missing the mark” impacted God’s ministry. For instance, I clearly understood how my sin hurt me, sometimes I understood how it hurts others; but I didn’t think about Him or His image in this world. Just like David, when I walk in, live in and become comfortable in sin, the enemies of the Lord can easily say:

“See, there’s nothing to Christianity.

“See how Teri acts!”

“See how she behaves!”

Back to “US” Again

You know, there are a lot of things we cannot change about our sin condition, but there are a few areas we can work harder to conform to the image of Christ. I am a living testimony of God’s regenerative power in a “raggedy” life. He’s delivered me from countless areas of bondage and sin. I have a long way to go, but I’m committed to the process. The many times I mess up, I can see God dealing with me; struggling with me; reprimanding me; disciplining me. I can’t live in the sin, I long to change, I work to change, and I allow grace to change me. So, I often have to say “I’m sorry” and confess my sins to my Father to receive fresh mercy and strength. But it’s worth it. I never want to bring shame to His name.

Represent Him Well, Godsy Girl!

When we live lives of confession, humility and holiness; we attract attention to God’s grace and forgiveness. Likewise, as we are set free; we demonstrate His ability change lives. Isn’t that amazing?

I pray my lifestyle doesn’t “give occasion to the enemies of the Lord to blaspheme” His name. Instead I hope they want to know Him as a result of seeing Him active in my life.


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