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One of my favorite scriptures is John 6:12.

In this all too familiar scene, Jesus fed a multitude of folks and each one was satisfied. Then He said: “Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost.” Jesus has such swag!

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Sadly, too many of us walk around in these fragmented “pieces” while trying to be good wives, mothers, girlfriends, sisters and ministry leaders. But, the spiritual brokenness of the past (or sometimes the present) cripples us emotionally and spiritually.

We may become depressed, bitter, judgmental, critical, self-righteous, mean and uncompassionate – all because we’re broken into “pieces” on the interiors of our spirit.

But, I have good news.

Jesus “sees” this kind of brokenness as He is super-sensitive to fragmented lives. He doesn’t just discard them as useless. He heals and brings wholeness so that nothing is lost in your life or your journey. I think He has supernatural power to take the pieces of our lives, pain and disappointment and then mold them into something better than ever. Isn’t that good news?

Let me illustrate this in a different way.

Imagine for a moment you purchased a set of shelves for your home. You carry in that long, heavy, skinny box and wonder how in the world those pieces you hear inside will morph into the display you saw at the store. Nevertheless, you open it and eagerly begin the process of assembly.

As you look among the materials that came inside the box, what is the very first thing you search for?

Yes- the instructions (at least if you have some sense)!

The instructions are the only logical way to produce the item you saw displayed at the store.

The same goes for us. God created us and has carefully planned happiness, wholeness and peacefulness for our lives. Think of this state of being as the as the image of the completed shelves on the box or the display you saw in the store. It’s your desired end result.

The only way we can get there is by reading your spiritual instructions.

You know where I’m heading; I’m talking about the Word of God. It’s our own divine set of personalized “instructions” guaranteed to “assemble” us into the image Christ died to provide.
But How?

The only way to be healed from the brokenness of the past is to allow the Lord to put you back together again. This is not possible without the manual.

Read His Word every day – even when you don’t feel like it. Treat it almost it like a spiritual ‘prescription’ for wholeness. Don’t forget to pay attention to the instructive elements of scripture and then do what it says.

Note: God brings healing in a myriad of ways. Sometimes, it’s supernatural. Other times, He uses professionals, medication and scientific methods. Regardless of how He chooses to heal, trust Him and stay in close contact with His Word (your instructions) at all times.

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