Two Kinds of Tired…One Kind of Rest


There are two kinds of “tired.”

There’s the “tired” you have at the end of a long, drawn-out day. You know how it is, your limbs are heavy, your mind is cluttered and you long for an opportunity to just…collapse. That type of “tired” is remedied by nothing less than a good night sleep and the absence of an annoying alarm clock in the morning.

Then there is another kind of “tired” This brand of tiredness originates from much deeper inside. It’s the result of weeks, months and sometimes years of enduring hardship, distress and heartache. It gnaws at your spirit and little by little chips away at your hope for the future. It becomes increasingly difficult to be optimistic when you’re this type of “tired”. Sadly, you can’t hide this “tired” very well. It is evident to the outside world. It shows in how you carry yourself and betrays you with a sort of dimness in your eyes.

Have you ever seen someone smile with their lips, but their eyes were filled with pain? They were likely “tired”. They may have endured all they could possibly endure and now their spiritual needle is pointing to empty. A hug does little to help, efforts to self-medicate are useless; they’re just too …”tired”.

Mistreatment makes us “tired”. When people don’t appreciate our gifts, we can grow “tired”. When we are waiting on a blessing that seems it may never come; we become “tired”. When people disappoint us time and time again; tiredness awaits.

But there is hope.

There is a spiritual “nap” for the soul. It lies in connecting with the “rock that is higher than I” (Read Psalm 61). The next time you begin to feel the “tired” in your soul, still the moment, stop the world and refresh yourself from the Well that never runs dry. Only then will you be able to hear that ‘still small voice’ that will bring you solace and respite.

I had a tired moment a few nights ago. After I had done all I needed to do for the evening, I snuck upstairs to my bedroom and closed the door. I didn’t run to the phone to call a friend. Friends can do nothing for that kind of “tired”. Instead, I sat on the floor to bow my body and spirit before a loving and living God. I prayed and invited the peace of the Holy Spirit into my “tired” moment. I thanked Him for comfort, rest and joy. I expressed gratitude for His fellowship and access to a most Holy God. I praised Him for His Word that repeatedly gives comfort to my “tired” soul.

When I rose to my feet, I could feel the burden had lifted and I once again had a stream in my spiritual dessert. My problems may not have gone away, but my focus was no longer on them. They seemed small and insignificant in light of my mighty God.

Godsy Girl: find peace in the presence of God. Spend time alone with Him today and refresh your spirit and reinvigorate your soul. Stay before Him until there is a release in your soul.

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  1. Teri, I as you am experiencing kind of “tired” which “originates much deeper inside.” My soul was not at rest. My Spirit was not as “high” as normal. This is when I know I need to spend some quality “one on one” time with my Father. He is needing me to hear something from Him. The “spiritual tired” is a must in our lives. Our Father wants us to concentrate on Him and only Him, yet there are things in our busy “lives” which get in the way. This week has just been about God and God alone. My time with Him. How refreshed and rejuvenated I am feeling! What an awesome experience!

    Your blog is beautiful and I have placed you on my blog roll. Thank you so much for visiting. I will be back to read more. God bless you and much love to you and yours.

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