Decompress Your Love Walk


Scripture: 1 Corinthians 13:4

A few girlfriends and I visited an upscale seafood restaurant in the Country Club Plaza. I wasn’t in the mood for fish, so I ordered chicken. The chicken entrée was nothing to ‘write home’ about. It was mediocre at best. I know what you’re thinking: at a restaurant famous for seafood and I ordered chicken! Lesson learned. But people do the same thing all of the time. I’ll tell you how in a minute.

To understand love, first go to the source. God is love personified (I John 4:8). At the seat of His very being is love, love love. He’s the perfect source to teach us how to love! It’s silly to allow love stories to shape our expectations of how our men should treat us or how our friends should interact with us. Instead, turn to the God of the universe and His ‘expert instruction manual’ for a guide on loving and living.

First Corinthians chapter twelve is known as the “love chapter” because it defines explicitly how to love one another. When I’m struggling in my love walk, I go to the ‘love chapter’. It reminds me that love is not puffed up, but humble. For instance, the Message Bible translates first Corinthians chapter twelve verse four superbly: “love cares more for others than for self.” What a perfect adaptation of the love scripture! There’s nothing arrogant or puffed up about it at all.

Loving others in “real life”

Love is saying you’re sorry when you know you didn’t do anything wrong. Love is listening to the same story time and time again because it blesses the storyteller. Love is saying “no problem” when it really is a huge problem. In a loving relationship, you don’t concentrate on flaws; instead you patiently love others into wholeness.

Godly love shows His fingerprint on your life so others will want to know Him. In right balance, this type of love is the true ingredient to harmony and relational peace.

A Godly Parallel

God’s loving-kindness attracted us and sustains us. He loves past our hurts, deficiencies and pain. If we don’t love others the way He loves us, we can’t even say we know Him because that’s who and what He is. Read I John 4:8 again.

Loving through pain, defensiveness and insecurity is not easy. It’s the epitome of self-denial and death of selfish motives. When you love God’s way, you forget your right to be “right”. You abandon your ambitions to look “good” and you just love in spite of how you feel.

Deflate the ego, decompress your love walk, Godsy Girl and let’s love God’s way.

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