Comfort and Complacency: A Godsy Girl’s Enemy


Scripture to ponder: “So, because you are lukewarm–neither hot nor cold…” Rev. 3:16

During a recent bible study, my husband asked an unusual question: “How many people here need to be revived?” I sit in the front row, so I couldn’t see any hands behind me, but I raised mine. Hey, I haven’t nothing to prove to anyone and no one to impress.

But the funny thing is that I raised my hand almost subconsciously. My husband then asked how we needed to be revived; I was stumped. I just knew there was a part of me that was wanting, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. As others answered the question, I whispered in my heart to God: “Lord, where do I need revival?”

I’m soon approaching my twenty-second year of following Jesus Christ. I’ve enjoyed the amazing highs of living the Christian life. I have also endured plummeting depths of pain, sorry and rejection along my journey as a Godsy Girl. As with any relationship, there have been peaks and some low valleys.

Don’t Get Too Cozy…

Similar to our “natural” relationships with our husbands, boyfriends and friends, we can become “comfortable” in our Christian walk. Do you know what I mean? We grow accustomed to the blessings that once kept us awake at night as we pondered their magnificence. For instance, remember when you first met the love of your life? You couldn’t eat, sleep or even talk about him without a bubbling sensation down in your stomach. Then as time went on, his conversation dulled, his smile became commonplace and his embrace was just “okay”. You got comfortable.

The same can happen with our walk with Jesus. If we’re not careful, we lose the passion that once invigorated us. It’s true. The Bible loses it’s wonder and we may take it for granted. Our prayer time becomes shortened, dry and repetitive. The songs that once painted vivid pictures of our personal gratitude can become praise and worship “as usual”.

Forever in Awe of Him…

Godsy Girl, hold fast to your child-like wonder pertaining to the things of God. Don’t take for granted that when you kneel to pray, your heavenly Father meets you there with openness and acceptance. Worship Him with “baby Christian” excitement. Ignite your passion with fresh worship and spontaneous praise! His mercies are indeed fresh every morning. We just have to cultivate fresh passion for Jesus. Only then will we go from glory to glory the Godsy Girl way.

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