Your Daddy Hears Your Cry


Yesterday, I learned a wonderful lesson about God’s love for us. The teachers of this lesson were ironic. It was my husband and my three year old son, John-John.

As a busy pastor, my hubby typically does more in one Sunday than most people accomplish in a week! Yesterday, during morning worship he stepped out of the pulpit to handle an issue. Our little son caught a glimpse of him walking the aisle. With outstretched arms, he immediately cried “Daddy! Daddy!” I glanced over my shoulder to see what the ruckus was about. My husband was standing in the back of the church and couldn’t hear John-John over the booming worship music.

But John-John continued.

He didn’t care that “Pastor Brooks” was handling important business or that the weight of the church service rested on his shoulders he just wanted his daddy. He craved the embrace of his familiar arms. Then suddenly, my husband noticed his little boy with tears streaming down his little round face. Almost instantly two, big, strong hands reached down beside me to scoop up the sobbing little tike.

In John-John’s world: all was well once again.

At that moment, I thought of God’s love for us. As you know, Jesus is a very present help in our time of trouble. Have you ever thought of it? The God of the moon, the stars and the universe loves you so much that when you cry, he reaches down from heaven to comfort you and hold you through your anxious moment. What a God! What a Father!

In the case of my baby, John-John’s cry was quite significant. Had John-John not cried, the busy pastor would have continued along his way and returned to the pulpit. But he didn’t. He cried until he caught the attention of the one that could help.

Jesus is particularly sensitive to our cries. Think of Peter as he began to sink after he stepped out of the boat. He cried out to Jesus and was saved (Matt 14:30). What about the Canaanite woman crying out seeking help for her devil-possessed daughter (Matt 15:22)? He hears the cries of His children.

No matter what’s going on, God is your Comforter. His arms will console you by the presence of His sweet Holy Spirit. All you have to do is cry out for Him. Still your life, quiet your world and cry out to Him in prayer! He’ll hear your cry, Godsy Girl, and give you the peace that passes all understanding.

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