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get over it

It’s Gone; Get over it

I wish more people talked about this subject, but not enough folks talk about how to “get over it” when life deals a blow. #hardtimes 🙁

Maybe, it’s because most people simply don’t know hidden beauty of it all. Plus, what I’m proposing requires a mature mind and spirit.

The word “loss” denotes a subtraction; a deficit or a removal of something. It’s almost counter-intuitive to welcome or embrace saying “good-bye” to anything dear. But, we have to!  We cannot interpret loss exclusively through a negative lens.  No, this cannot be the only interpretation. If it is, we risk becoming bitter.   That would be just…depressing.

Every experience has a benefit, but losing something dear is pregnant with so much more. It’s like the golden egg from the golden goose.

Think about it.  In fact, let’s go one step further.

I want you to take a second (only a second) to reflect on a time of loss in your life. Close your eyes and remember such a moment you felt pick-pocketed by life. (more…)

Challenges Christian Women Leaders face

Challenges women in Christian Leadership face

Regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman, leadership is sometimes plain hard.

But, you’re nothing more than delusional if you don’t recognize women encounter way more challenges in leadership than men. This is especially true for women leaders in Christian ministries, churches or organizations.

Yes, I plan to go there–all the way there. I’m gonna talk about male “hangups” and a few issues women may have too. (more…)

6 Ways to feed your spirit during lunch hour

1. Steel away in your car to have some quiet prayer time with the Lord.

2. Read your Bible in the cafeteria, at our desk or in your car.

3. Read a good Christian book like Beth Moore’s “Believing God”.

4. Organize a quickie Bible study with a colleague or a few co-workers.

5. Read your Bible online at BibleGateway.Com, the Online Parallel Bible.

6. Listen to a great podcast like Joyce Meyer, Nate Holcomb or Chip Ingram.

7. Read a good Christian website like Kyria.Com, Spirit-led Woman, or Christian Women Online.

8. Hit up TBN or Daystar for some online Christian programming.

9. Journal for 10 straight minutes about what you are thankful for in your life.

10. Find a park in your area just sit in your car quietly. Just sit.

What’s missing?

My 40something Life…

Did I mention I have another blog? I didn’t? Well, shame on me.

I do have another blog that focuses on a healthy lifestyle and my own personal journey through my forties. I’m chronicling the peaks and valleys of middle-age (sounds depressing when I say it like that, doesn’t it?).


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Anyhoo, feel free to join me on my journey toward the 50s. 🙂

Ted talk by Celesete Headlee

Thanks, Celeste Headlee

Celeste Headlee helped me “talk” better. 🙂

Do you ever watch TedTalks?  In case you’re unaware, Ted (or Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a nonprofit organization that delivers knowledge through special events (presentations) that feature engaging, thought-provoking and challenging speakers on a variety of subjects.

I’m one of those people who love knowledge; I fiend for information.  I get it any way I can.  (more…)

Maybe Not Punishment, Maybe Protection

I’m deleting old posts and came across the “oldie” but “goodie”. Hope it blesses you!



“Mommy, did God put Noah in timeout?”

My three-year-old asked this peculiar question during his bedtime story tonight. While reading, we happened upon a page where the big-eyed cartoon Noah looked nervous and scared because he hadn’t heard from God. The children’s book depicted Noah horrified by the torrential rains flooding the earth. To make matters worse, God was silent.

Have you ever felt that way? You served God with your whole heart while the storms of life continually thrash against your faith. The trials seem relentless and you begin to wonder if you are in some sort of “timeout” or chastisement?

Regardless of your struggle, hold on and keep walking in the obedience of His Word. Whatever you’re going through God is close and He still loves you. Whether you have more month than money; or you’re dealing with an agonizing broken heart or even experiencing a loneliness that renders you emotionally numb – just stay on task. He sees you; He hasn’t “dropped” you and He’s sending you everything you need.

At times it may feel like you’re in a spiritual “timeout”, but more often than not, God isn’t disciplining you. In fact, He may be rescuing you from pain and difficulty – just as He did Noah. Trust Him, obey Him, and you’ll be just fine, Godsy Girl.

Update:  my sweetie is no longer 3, but he’s still teaching me more about the Lord in his innocence. 🙂

God reminds me He loves me


Recently, at the airport, I met a rather pleasant stranger. I didn’t mean to. In fact, it was a trying day and I had hoped to endure my disappointing flight delays in silence.  Aside from the delays, my entire day seemed to have gone down the potty.
At the time I met the stranger, my heart was heavy, my feelings wounded and I was just “tired” in every sense of the word. I don’t know about you, but when I’m tired, I tend to just withdraw. I don’t want to cause tension and I never want to perpetrate it, so in moments like that, I just take the “be still and know that I am God” scripture very personally. I just be still.
In my endeavor to be “still”, I was lured into conversation with this smiling stranger. She looked to be just a bit older than me and was casually dressed. She had a wide smile and skin the color of beautiful mocha. She was very pretty.

Personality-wise, we just “clicked”. Before I knew it, about an hour and a half passed and I felt like I had known her forever. We giggled, laughed and shared secrets we knew the other could never share with anyone else. It was cathartic. It was healing and it was a reminder.
At that moment, I needed a reminder. God knew that and He sent her.

While we chatted, she shared her recent blessings. She went on to tell me how she had received a back payment of retirement benefits (totaling over $40,0000) from the government. Then, she shared how God had added $23,000 to the back blessing. My heart was beating so fast as she shared her wonderful story. I was excited and happy that she has received such good fortune. Tears welled in my eyes. “I’m so happy for you”. She said “thank you” and looked a little puzzled.

She went on to share not everyone had been happy about her prosperity. She mentioned how people she had thought were friends proved to not be. Instead, some were jealous and others tried to use her for their own financial benefit. I felt bad for that part of her story.

I just don’t understand that.
Years ago, God taught me the blessings of others took nothing from me. As a result, jealousy hasn’t been a challenge for me in a very long, long time.

God has been so faithful in my life time and time again. He always gave me more than I ever could have imagined. When I as a single mother, I enjoyed a job that actually required much more education than I had earned. I lived in a great house and always had nice cars and wonderful friends. In fact, I can’t remember ever wanting much that God didn’t deliver. I enjoyed travel, a wonderfully obedient son and a free education (yes, free and I was making way too much money for Pell grants). My career was shaped by encounters that brought me prosperity time and time again. He did more than meet my needs, He blew my mind. Time and time again He did. Nope, I never felt the need for jealousy.

Don’t let me get started on the spiritual blessings. God as, is and will forever be faithful.
Meeting this lady reminded me that God loved me enough to allow our paths to cross. He knew I needed that “reminder” so desperately. I needed the support, the fellowship and the chuckles. Before seeing her, I felt a little like Hagar in the desert. I felt alone and hurt. Meeting her was like God saying “I see you and I’ve got you”. Does that make sense?

Well, I was reminded.

Now, I want to remind you.
God has not forgotten you. I don’t care what has transpired. You are still the apple of His eye. He doesn’t see you as some dirty, filthy sinner. He sees you as child and joint-heir with Jesus Christ.
Your favor hasn’t tarnished or lessened.

In fact, God still has blessings, provisions and peace reserved just for you. You marrying that idiot didn’t change that. Your bad decisions with money could never affect that. Your low image of yourself won’t diminish it in the least.

Your Source is in tact. God will never leave you begging bread. He promised that He will supply all your needs according to His riches and glory. He promised that He will allow you to be the lender and not the borrower. He wants you to be a blessing to others. He promised and I’m proof.
If this goes against your church’s teaching, I’m sorry. Some of the “frozen chosen” will tell you these scriptures are not for you or are taken out of context. I say hooey! I lived them, stood on them and watched God deliver time and time again in my own life.

It’s official. You are now reminded. God still loves you and will take care of you. You trust Him totally and do things His way. Watch Him work in your favor as your Father/Husband/God!


Jesus is a mighty healer

How to trust God more than your doctor

Jesus is still a Healer. #Christianity #Healing #HolySpirit Trust HIM above your doctor.

He always has been a faithful Healer and He always will be. God moves as His people pray.  He hears our cries in the wilderness.  He hears our cries from the mountain tops.  He moves. He acts.

He is true to His word and never ceases or fails to perform it. I love the fact that anything that happens on earth, He foreknew.  I didn’t take Him by surprise. He’s not in heaven awe-struck by the affairs of man. He’s not confused, disabled or uncaring. He is powerful beyond measure. Close. Closer than your next breath and far more dependable. Him you can trust. Him you know will come. Your next breath you can only hope and pray will.

No matter what you are going through today, know He is very acquainted with you and your entire situation.

He doesn’t care about your abilities, your weaknesses or your mishaps. You couldn’t impress the God of the universe if you wanted to!

If you have surrendered your life to Him, you are His. He’s called you by name. You are join-heir with Christ and entitled to the benefits of son-ship.

Your doctor is a resource, but not the source.  God is your Healer. Regardless who [or what] He uses to manifest the healing, He will heal. Regardless of where He manifests it, He can.

Don’t rest your confidence on your doctor. Doctors are wonderful people who have studied hard and practiced their healing arts. You should listen to your doctor, but know he/she is not your exclusive source to health.  A good one will tell you the same. They are resources.  God, the tri-une Creator of all things is your Source.

Trust God.  Trust His word and His promises. Trust God to heal you Follow Me on Pinterest

How to trust Jesus more than your doctor.

1. Remember your medical professional is just a man/woman.  Sure, they have more knowledge and have studied the body, but they are not infallible. God is. He has baffled many a doctor and His will shall prevail. A doctor once said I couldn’t walk because I had no hip socket. I walk. A doctor told my brother he would be dead in 8 weeks. that was 5 years ago. A doctor told me my little boy would have breathing issues. He doesn’t.

2. After you state and determine to trust Jesus more than your prognosis, reach for your spiritual “hard hat”. Doubt will soon rain down on you like hail the size of golf balls.  Be prepared for these attacks of the enemy.  He will plant, whisper and guide people your way to influence you to doubt God’s promises. Don’t fall for it.

3. Internalize the Word of God. Turn off the TV or some pointless music. Saturate yourself in God’s Word. Read it. Memorize it. Play it in the form of music. The TV show Scandal is not going to help you now. Empire will plant more death in your heart than life. Drown yourself in God’s word. Then when #2 (above) happens, you can speak it to battle the lies of the enemy.  You’ll quench his every fiery dart. Remember, Jesus used the Word to defeat Satan. The Word is your mighty sword in the spirit. Use it. Yield it, but first…KNOW IT!


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when you're bored with God

When you’re bored with God and Religion

Have you ever been in a Christian slump?

Your prayer time goes stale.

Your Bible seems to be lifeless and church just seems like something “to do”.

#Christianity #Jesus #Christianwalk

A lot of people would never admit it, but this happens to many Christians. Earlier in my Christian walk, people would call it a “wilderness season”. What a great way to explain it. You feel like you are out in a spiritual wilderness: wandering, searching and seeking only to seemingly be alone.

I don’t know why Christians often pretend like everything is “ok” all the time. It’s a phoniness that makes the world despise us ad label us “hypocrites” and ”fakes” Or worse, it leads them to believe that once one accepts Christ, they will simply “tip toe through the tulips” until Jesus returns.

What a load of hooey!

Along the same lines, there are some self-righteous church members that will argue angrily against the very possibility that a Christian can be bored with God.

“Who are you to be bored in your Christian walk?”

“You are nothing in comparison to God, how dare you!”

Let me lay it out like this so they can understand: shut up!

If you are living Christianity the right way, you are in a love relationship with the Lord. In all relationships, there are variations. There are ups and there are downs.

If you are living Christianity the right way, you are in a love relationship with the Lord. #Jesus… Click To Tweet

With humans it’s a hot mess because both parties are human, flawed and frail. But, in your supernatural love relationship with the Lord, there is only one frail person – you. So, there are times YOU “feel” differently about things. That’s just the honest truth.

Have you ever heard Bishop G.E. Patterson’s CD?

On it, he tells the story of a couple who had been married for years.

During the earlier years, the couple cuddled while driving as the wife would lovingly scoot across the car seat to be nearer to her love. As the years progressed, the cuddling stopped.

One day the wife raised an accusatory tone and asked: “Why is it we don’t sit close anymore in the car?”

The husband responded by saying something like “Well, the steering wheel is still here. I’m in the same spot. I wasn’t the one who moved.

The same is true for us. God didn’t move.

There are several examples in scripture of wilderness seasons. The prophet was in a wilderness season when the raven brought him food at the bequest of the Lord. Read I Kings 17.

Paul likely felt in a wilderness season when he “despaired of life” in 2 Corinthians 1:8, life got hard and he felt alone.

Hannah had a wilderness season in I Samuel as she felt she less than what she should be as a childless woman.

It’s not a sin to be down.

The blessing is though we may feel that way, we are not. We are never alone. We are never abandoned.
During those seasons, the best thing you can do is to:

1. Stay your course. Do not stop reading your Bible, praying alone with God of attending church. Sometimes to get the feelings you once had you have to do the things you once did. Don’t stop. Your season will soon end and you’ll feel your connection with the Lord again. Don’t move to the other side of the car.

2. Appeal to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is your Helper. He is real. He understands what you feel and how your struggle. He will lead you and guide you. He’ll take care of you just like that raven that fed Elijah in his wilderness. Be patient with yourself and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you. No need to talk through your prayer time. He knows. Just rest in His presence thinking only of the Lord. It’s during those times you will gain strength.

3. Confide in someone who is mature and loves the Lord. You need someone made of flesh to encourage you in the Lord and remind you of His promises. Be wise and allow God the show you who to share your struggles with; people can be very hurtful. Pray about who it should be, ok?

4. Worship like a madwoman. I simply don’t understand why more ministers don’t teach on the power of worship. Instead, they sit in the pulpit like the “frozen chosen” during worship. I think perhaps, they do not know the power of the worship themselves. But, worship is a key victory. When you worship, focus on the matchless Savior, your problems and even your feelings begin to minimize in light of His greatness. I don’t care if you have music or not, just begin to declare (out loud) your praises:

“God you’re amazing in your strength, wisdom and power”.

“Lord there is no one like you in heaven and earth”.

“You alone are God and besides you there is no other god”.

“I glorify your name.”

“I praise you.”

“I worship you!”

If you do not know how to worship, visit Psalms.

5. Change your inner narrative. Instead of touting that you are depressed, bored with Christianity or burned out, declare your victory. Speak in faith for how you will soon feel.
Say to yourself:
“Lord, I don’t’ feel like I’m victorious now, but I know I am because your death and life guaranteed it”.

“Father, I am thankful that I don’t have to rely on my feelings, because I walk by faith. By faith, I know I am whole, I am healed and I am filled with the Spirit.”

Note: Feelings have little place in a mature relationship. You may not “feel” like a lot of things most of the time, but you do it because you love the one you’re committed to. Ask any married person.

I hope these tips helped you. I hope you know that sometimes you may not feel like the victorious, beautiful Christian you are. That’s ok. No one is “up” all the time and if they are…they are lying.