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How not to worry…so much

Note: I intended to publish this later. But, I since spoke to a friend who may be encouraged by this, so I’m going to publish now. Excuse the typos…GodsyGirl is only human. :)

One of the most difficult things to do is to turn over to God those things you love most.

I’m in my early 40’s and have buried most of my immediate family. In fact, most of them died by the time i was 34. The recurrent shocks of death after death cultivated two dubious by-products in my adult life. First, those traumas made me strong in the Lord as each one thrust (or even flung) me at the feet of Jesus for strength, comfort and restoration. Humans were of some limited comfort during those times – I needed what only Jesus could supply. So, these turbulent seasons made me incredibly dependent on the Lord and His Holy Spirit. For this, I thank God for every trial because I now enjoy a deeply personal communion with Him that few people understand.

Secondly, losing so many people in a relatively short life worked in me a wretched and nagging desire to hold on to the few family members that remain on earth. Sure, we all want our loved ones to enjoy long lives with us, but I’m talking about something quite different. Recently, the Holy Spirit gently showed me how my desire to hold on to my loved ones can transform itself into worry, fear and doubt – all of which are direct enemies to faith. As you know, without faith, we cannot please God or expect to receive anything from Him. Faith [in Him] is the cornerstone to our relationship with Him and the key to Godly maturity. We must guard it…from our logic, our past experience and the opinions of others.

God can move in ways that simply don’t make sense to us. But, we are limited -which is why we need Him in the first place. His thoughts are so above ours and it can make trusting difficult. Difficult, but not impossible. 

 You see, when we truly trust God, we surrender everything to Him knowing that 1) He can manage it immensely better than we ever could and 2) that He has our best interest at heart and is always “up to something good” in our lives. (God bless Bishop Joseph Garlington for that quote.). The afore mentioned are immutable truths regardless of what you are currently going through and regardless of the life trial you currently face. Are you worried about anything, any one, any situation? If so, hold to these immutable facts.

So, with tears in my eyes, I repent because I admit that I have allowed worry to creep into my life as a result of my past and my fear.

I am sorry for not [one hundred percent]trusting God with my future, my family and my destiny, but I also resolve to change my position. With the Holy Spirit’s help, I resolve to re-commit all that I hold dear to the Lord and crucify worry in my life. I commend to Him my family, my ambitions, my marriage, my children, my friendships and my ministry…I surrender all today. How about you?

Read Hebrews 11:6, John 6-7.

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Her success makes me happy

My blogging friend wrote a book!  I’m so happy for her success.

Those of you who have been around GodsyGirl.Com for a while may remember frequent comments, love and support from Mangiabella.

Well, she wrote a children’s book!  I’m so thrilled for her new venture.  I could be wrong, but I think she and I started blogging around the same time.

Please check out her book (and buy it) on Amazon.Com here. Also, look for it around your part of town.  The title is “Jacq & the Moon” by Jaime Carrillo .

It’s nothing better than seeing someone you know or follow prosper. Remember, God has enough blessings for everyone, so celebrate the successes of others!  You’ll feel a bubbly excitement and joy just as I do for Jaimie!  It’s a great feeling!

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Handling news that someone’s dying

Today started so wonderfully.

After spending great fellowship with terrific people at my church, I came home and chatted with my mom. Then, I made spontaneous plans to have a fantastic lunch with my sweetie pie of a husband. The sun was shining; all was under control and life felt really good.

Then the phone rang.

Isn’t it funny how one conversation can completely turn your day upside down? Indeed this phone call was one of those. It brought the kind of bad news that feels like a punch in the belly from a monstrous prize fighter.

My neighbor advised me she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Even typing the words make my heart ache.

She’s such a nice older lady. She recently buried her husband as a result of this terrible disease and now she (and her family) has this fresh, painful hurdle ahead of them. Unimaginable.

I instantly sobbed as she explained details of the situation.

Want to hear something odd? Just the other day, I was thinking about how we can sometimes pray selfish prayers. I was pondering if it is appropriate to pray for healing when someone is ready to transition home. This topic just came to my mind for no apparent reason. I remember distinctly asking the Holy Spirit “Are selfish prayers ok?”

I heard no response.

About the same time, my mind went to scripture.

“Hmmm…what selfish prayers are in scripture?”

I knew there had to be lots. Surely, people would ask God for healing or specific victories for very personal reasons.

Determined to do research once I stopped the car, a few instances came instantly to my mind. For one, the Centurion who loved his servant was one. The man whose daughter died was another. Then, there was the mother whose son had passed and the prophet resurrected him. I know of many more.

Who is to say whether selfish prayers are right or wrong? I think most requests and miracles in the Bible were the result of someone’s selfish prayers. But, in His infinite wisdom, God uses those cases to show the world just how mighty He is.

Well, I have a selfish request. I’m going to ask God to keep my neighbor on this side of heaven because I love her. I want her to see her grandchildren grow. I want her children to have a respite from grief. I want to sit on the deck for our chats.

You know, during our conversation, she said something that left a permanent imprint in my spirit. If she continues to live on earth or moves to heaven, I’ll never forget it.

She said “Terri, I have peace. I believe in God and I know there is a heaven. I’m really ok”.

Her comments jarred me a bit. We don’t hear someone with a death diagnosis respond this this way.

A person with such an analysis would be more apt to pray for healing so their desires could come to pass. But, she’s convinced of heaven and a loving, adoring Savior ready to embrace her on the other side.

Her faith is inspiring. I think God is pleased with her response.

You know, it’s easy to forget heaven is a precious promise for those who love the Lord. Sometimes, we can be so earthly minded, we forget our children, friends and husbands are just placeholders in our lives. The real joy, the real paradise is with the Lord.

Also, I repeat. Heaven is a promise – not a goal. That work is done in Christ. If you relinquish your life to Him, it’s yours.

Question: Do we sometimes lose our perspective when we think of death from this life?

Either way, I’m going to pray God heals my neighbor and restores her health for His name sake. She has grandchildren I know she wants to see grow.

Whether God decides to heal her on this side of heaven or the other; He will heal and take wonderful care of my sweet neighbor and friend.

But, my selfish prayer [and thank God he said I could make it known to Him] is that she will live to see many more years in health and even some great-grandchildren one day. If this request aligns with His will, imagine the glory of her testimony! Please say a prayer for her today. Cancer is no match for God should He have work for her to do on this side.

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How to have self control

How to have self control as a Christian

Did you ever wonder: how to have self-control as a Christian“?
Or maybe you’ve Googled “how to have self-control over food:. I’ve done the latter just recently.

I’m on a weight loss journey.

It sounds cute when I say it like that. But, here is the real deal: I’m 40-something. I love Twinkies, cobbler, corn bread and cookies. I’m gaining weight. That’s the real deal.

Recently, my personal lack of discipline has been on my mind. (more…)

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Don't miss Him!

Don’t miss Him at work in our lives

I’m thinking.

Sometimes, when I don’t spend time with God, it’s harder for me to recognize Him at work.

He works in good things, He is at work in bad things, He’s even at work in NO THINGS.  He’s God. He’s using everything in our lives for good.

But, when I don’t spend time with Him, I often miss that point. I can get caught up with what I see, feel, hear and think.  Does that happen to you too?

I figure if I’m in close fellowship with Him, I’m able to see with supernatural eyes and recognize Him more clearly. Time with Him rests my carnal perspective a little.

Check out this video and see what made me think about all this. Tell me what you think.


God is indeed in busy in our lives everyday and in everything.  Don’t miss Him at work in your life, GodsyGirl!

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My Selfie Fast is Over!


So, my selfie diet is now officially over.

Who would have thought that a “selfie fast” would be a problem for a 40 something-year-old like me. 

“Selfies” have become such a huge part of our part of pop culture. 

You know I’m right. 

If you have a Facebook page or a Twitter account. You’ve seen countless -rather intelligent -people randomly snapping photos of themselves at any given moment – in the car, in their kitchens, at work, on their stairs, on their porches, in restaurants. The list goes on and on.
After a while it is almost comical.  I was chief amongst them. :)

What motivates us to take pictures of ourselves all the time? Is it that we think of ourselves way too often? Is it that we are consumed by what we look like? Are we seeking “likes” or approval from others? Is it because we are shameless exhibitionists?

I don’t know. But, selfies are fun. But, all things in moderation-not too much or too little of anything. Yeah. That’s the best way. Still, I don’t know why we, especially Christians, have become a generation of selfie takers. Maybe, it doesn’t matter.  Maybe God doesn’t like it. Maybe He doesn’t care.  Again, I dunno.

What I do know, is most all of us is entirely too self-absorbed. 

 Selfies are not sin, yet any constant thought (or concentration) of oneself is nothing more than selfishness. Of that sin, we must all be careful.
Back to my “diet”. 

This was a fun experience for me. I dare you to try it for 30 days. No pictures of yourself in that hot new outfit. No pictures of your great new hairstyle or your awesome makeup “look of the day”. Nothing.

Let me know if you try it.  

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Selfies and Pride – a sinful trend?

selfie and prideToday I was listening to an oldie but goodie” song. It was Yolanda Adams’ song “Take Away”.

The song is like a systematic prayer petitioning God to remove anything inside that’s not like Him. It’s an amazing song for meditative prayer and a great precursor to your time with the Lord.

You know, one of the things that often slips by our spiritual radar is pride. You don’t hear many sermons about it. You don’t likely think about it often. In fact, the culture actually breeds and cultivates this sin in a variety of forms. (more…)

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What is normal anyway?


 The concept of “normal” in your life changes. 

To keep your peace, accept the things you cannot change, trust God’s sovereignty at all times and be ready to redefine the concept of “normal” in all aspects of your life.

I learned this years ago after I lost my brothers.  I am re-introduced to this idea this week after a stinging and painful family loss.

Normal is “change” and change is normal.  We have to be ready to cry, adjust and accept.  

It takes some time. 

Often it takes a lot of time, but healing looms when we understand life changes, amen?

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